Example sentences of "[noun sg] [conj] give you " in BNC.

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1 ‘ It 's your casualness that gives you away , ’ he said .
2 The computer asks you a question via a sound card and gives you a choice of options on screen , and you respond by pressing the relevant button .
3 And we 're very grateful , you 've brought rural interest , you 've brought much wider interest , and you 've brought a great deal of warmth and compassion and interest and time , what more could we say , but to show a token of our appreciation and give you a few flowers to go with that .
4 Any plan or project that exercises your mind and gives you food for thought is good for you now .
5 This is a wonderful design in that it combines real style with light weight and gives you totally unimpeded access to all but the very top fret .
6 he said that will all look bad on him he said if he sold it and er do n't I , he , he said he 's got two choices , he either sells that car and pays off the loan in both your names or he , he sells that car and gives you half
7 Suppose your neighbour 's tree grows into your garden , obscuring your light and giving you a harmful consumption externality .
8 ‘ That headache has tightened you up all over — or perhaps it was the tightness that gave you the headache in the first place . ’
9 That 's the part that gives you sustain and that 's the part that you do n't want to depress to the point that it touches the fret , because otherwise the fretted strings do n't have the clearance to run underneath the slide without touching it .
10 now put those slippers on , that , if you get your feet cold that gives you put those slippers on
11 A dimension that gives you a more effective heating system that 's cheaper to run — Total Heating with Central Control .
12 ‘ What is it about work that gives you the most pleasure ? ’
13 Now , so , the name of the actual Act of Parliament is Sale of Goods Act er and that 's the law that gives you and me and everybody in Britain our basic rights every time we buy something from a shop or in a sale or a market stall or by post through a mail order catalogue .
14 A most effective means of doing this is through flattery and giving you the status of an innovative thinker .
15 A book covering the area you 're interested in will tell you about the terrain and give you an idea as to whether or not your walking companions will be physically able to tackle the route(s) .
16 See your fitness improve weekly with a Medau class designed to keep your body supple , improve posture and give you that lively feeling .
17 However , latest th er Microfit not only gives you the test statistic but gives you erm the significance level , probability value er which erm that test statistic is significantly different from zero right so if we are looking at that serial correlation test statistic of two point zero eight right we would accept the null hypothesis of er no serial correlation , right , or would n't be able to reject it strictly .
18 When you buy something from a shop , you have a contract with the retailer which means that the Sale of Goods Act 1979 covers your purchase and gives you certain statutory rights .
19 But any climbing area where they take away your chalk bag , place bolts 25m apart , ban all other protection and give you a pile of grotty lengths of tat to knot and jam in cracks is too wild to be ignored .
20 ‘ I 'll give you letters of introduction saying you 're a writer and to give you any help you need . ’
21 and this is your alternative route and gives you an alternative way to go round to get passed it
22 If you give credit two things will happen : it will cost you money and give you problems .
23 Membership of a professional organisation and a relevant forum or interest group will help to keep you informed of developments in the field and give you access to study days .
24 What I can do now is treat the damage and give you something to soothe the burning .
25 Because choosing both the right type or investment and the particular institution with which you are likely to feel happiest is such an important decision , even after you have chosen a scheme you will have a 14-day cooling off period that gives you a chance to change your mind .
26 Tuesday 's relaxed and informal atmosphere puts you at your ease and gives you the time to think through your current life direction and emphasis .
27 ( c ) the Journals ' book reviews can keep you up-to-date with recent work on your period and give you a flavour of historical criticism and debate .
28 But then , it 's a big difference between skiing abroad and you know , like staying somewhere like Cyprus skiing in Scotland , it 's true , but I mean , it 's like the first , I mean , my dad 's typical , sort of , get to the top of the hill and give you a good shove , you know , give you one time to go down a bit slowly and then after that you just get to the top ski downhill phhhh .
29 Now , before speaking to that person , whether your boss or partner , ask your mentor to inspire you and to tell you the right time , to choose the right place and to give you the right words and the correct approach — and to help the other party accept what you have to say .
30 The pollen is tiny and minute , so minute that it can get up your nose and give you hay fever , but er you 're never gon na catch hay fever from modules because they 'll never be released , they 're relatively massive compared with , compared with pollen .
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