Example sentences of "[noun sg] [conj] it [verb] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ But we have to show more punch , determination and heart where it counts .
2 I now find that the perms do n't take very well and I have to have it repermed and even then there is some part where it does not take .
3 The conflict develops in the second part where it reaches a climax : in Giselle a death , in Romeo and Juliet several deaths .
4 Now the diode is reverse biased and the capacitor can charge until the feedback makes the output switch back to its original saturation level where it remains in the absence of a further trigger pulse .
5 No drain should pass under a building , but where this is unavoidable it must be specially protected by encasing in concrete and supported against settlement where it passes through a wall or foundation .
6 He grimaced and scratched his short , curly black hair where it stuck out from under his tartan cap .
7 As she returned kiss for kiss , sure of nothing but her need for him , she felt his hand free her hair where it clung to her hot damp skin , then glide lightly down .
8 She pushed back her hair where it had slipped from the bandanna , then tried to shrug off the tension with a sigh .
9 TNF α additionally induces expression of the powerfully procoagulant tissue factor , released only at sites of endothelial damage where it activates the extrinsic limb of the coagulation cascade .
10 This orientation , Siemens suggests , was imposed from Teotihuacan where it had special astronomical and ritual significance .
11 The first tends to refer mainly to the military context which , while obviously important , is not what this book is about ; and the second is clearly state-centrist , and does not fully convey the scnse of hegemony where it does not directly involve the state , which I take to be crucial .
12 With a man it 's like a rocket : it fires and goes into orbit or it crashes .
13 She saw herself , her head a foam of lacy white like the shining tumbleweed caught in the evening light as it floats through the air , handed on to the bar stool , her little feet — her good point — showing beneath the hem of her skirt where it rode up as she adjusted herself .
14 But if you quite like sleeping with the offending partner for other reasons , you 'll need earplugs , a light where it disturbs nobody and a good book till the warm drink you 've made for consolation lulls you back to the Land of Nod — pending the next onslaught .
15 The report of the European Parliament , entitled ‘ Blue Europe ’ ( document A 2-0319/88 ) , was to the same effect where it stated that
16 Well , when it , when it is irrational it is operating either under the influence of the id or it 's overwhelmed by some external circumstances that it just ca n't understand the controls , therefore making all the wrong decisions and acting in a completely inadequate manner .
17 Richard touched his finger reflexively to a light dressing on the left side of his neck where it met the collarbone .
18 There was coppa , made from the muscular part of the pig 's neck where it meets the shoulder , and prosciutto , Parma ham , which comes from the same part of the pig as English gammon , and is cured in specially air-cooled rooms up in the foothills of the Apennines above Parma .
19 Huy felt he could get drunk on the smell of Taheb , sinking his lips into the base of her neck where it joined the shoulder .
20 The long-term judgment is based on Goldman 's view of Sun 's business as 80% to 85% client side where it thinks Windows , especially NT , will dominate in client/server systems , even where high-performance client products are needed .
21 Both Salomon Brothers Inc and more importantly Goldman Sachs & Co have moved Sun Microsystems Inc shares off their recommended buy lists : basically Goldman thinks Microsoft Corp 's Windows NT and Intel Corp 's Pentium are going to be more than Sun can handle , hurting its ability to improve earnings on a sustained basis over the next year or so and impeding its gains in market share ; Goldman believes Sun 's financial model may need to change more quickly than the company can realise ; the long-term judgment is based on Goldman 's view of Sun 's business as 80% to 85% client side where it thinks Windows , especially NT , will dominate in client-server systems , even where high-performance client products are needed .
22 The page printer is a binary device , it either prints a dot or it does n't , and is , therefore , incapable of producing the dots of varying sizes .
23 She has hung ‘ Christabel ’ in her bedroom where it catches the morning sun and shows up my imperfections .
24 A bib had been tied around Bissell 's neck to collect the raw , liquid plaster which oozed from his mouth where it congealed and hardened .
25 It collects these flakes with the brush near the end of its hind legs and passes them forward to its mouth where it kneads them with saliva .
26 Before her a green sea rippled , melting into azure where it met the sky .
27 Davies adds : ‘ One function of our research will be to highlight good practice where it exists .
28 An application is an application for a renewal where it relates to premises in respect of which the applicant has been granted a licence which is due to expire and is for the same type of licence as that previously granted .
29 Spelt out slightly more fully ( and at the risk of oversimplification ) , this means that a decision is open to review where it has been arrived at as a result of a mistaken view of the law , or where the decision is one that could not reasonably have been arrived at , in the sense that the person deciding must have taken into account irrelevant considerations , or failed to take into account relevant ones , or where he has failed to observe the dictates of natural justice which require him to give the parties a hearing before arriving at his decision .
30 And it has to make up its mind where it stands in the matter of the European Community .
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