Example sentences of "[noun sg] [prep] the [noun] " in BNC.

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1 What starts as a mild downturn becomes a severe recession through the reaction of risk-averse , highly leveraged businesses .
2 In Conterchi take the concealed right-turning between the church and the supermercato , then left under the bridge , following signs to S. Pietro in Crespi .
3 One party had come as a dragon and were doing a conga through the dancing couples , tail disintegrating even as the giant head bobbed up and down .
4 Design management is an extensive subject but there are small points of technique about the information needed for control and the control of design information which are seldom discussed but deserve to be mentioned .
5 His protest that this was the worst kind of Victorian colonialism was short-hand for the conviction that the action had played into the hands of all the enemies of the West .
6 Both the chemicals involved in the incident are classified as toxic and can be harmful , by inhalation , absorption through the skin or ingestion .
7 Percolation and absorption through the earth banks .
8 ‘ Was that … was that the hospital ? ’ she asked , a numbing dread about the fate of her cousin suddenly driving all else from her mind .
9 Events such as the extension of the franchise , the seizure of power by working-class parties , the fractionated and conflictual basis of state institutions , the crucial mediating role played by state bureaucracy , the higher material and social benefits granted to the working class and , perhaps most importantly , the fact that the forms of political representation and state intervention in different countries have shown remarkable dissimilarities over time and space , have all been difficult to accommodate within Marx 's and Engels 's original formulation about the nature of power in capitalist societies .
10 Ian 's campaign will be bolstered by a new addition to the team Darlington mechanic Roy Watkinson has agreed to prepare the bike during the season .
11 Now I 'm not I like I like the thought of but I prefer the thought of in work and how people can work together using this type of thing and think about it in the context of work rather than in the context that it talks about erm and it 'll be interesting to talk to you tomorrow so if to see what you think have the think about the things we 've talked about .
12 Dale Spender describes the tendency to refer to the male as the norm and women in pejorative terms as a ‘ rule ’ of language ; she use the term ‘ sexist syntax ’ to describe this .
13 A surge in borrowings from 29% to 55% of shareholders ' funds was largely due to a buying spree during the year when NFC shelled out £75m on 16 businesses .
14 ‘ It means I 'm the sort of town clerk for the garrison , ’ he said .
15 Both had begun the war as conscientious objectors , Vaughan ending it as an Orderly Room clerk for the Army in a prisoner-of-war camp in Yorkshire .
16 Mr Blackburn , a Belfast man , was clerk for the Northern Ireland Parliament from 1970 to March , 1972 , and then clerk of the Northern Ireland Assembly in 1973–74 .
17 As this was my first experience of squadron life , I quickly fell into its easy way , I was rather surprised to find I was already selected to play rugger for the squadron the following Sunday , and also went straight into the squadron tennis team .
18 She drew the pan of milk off the fire and carrying it over to the table , quickly poured it into a pint pot into which she had already spooned a generous measure of treacle .
19 The Government have made clear their opposition and abhorrence for the fatwa to which the hon. Gentleman referred , but he differs from the view of his colleagues on the Opposition Front Bench if he wishes to stop trade or perhaps impose an embargo on trade with Iran or , indeed , any other country .
20 It was designed in the Grecian style by Edward Taylor , a York architect who used red brick for the body of the building and stone for the dressings .
21 I would be on my bike for the rest of my life , stuck on the stopping train to nowhere .
22 Victory at the Donington event and other impressive results were enough for Huberts to secure his signature with a brave promise of a factory bike for the future .
23 ‘ Yeah , all right ! ’ commented Ealing 's prodigal singer/songwriter Jamiroqua , who celebrated signing a big-money , eight-album deal with Sony by spending the rest of the day testing the taxi bike for THE FACE .
24 Colourist Chris gave Jean an all-over permanent colour in Deep Velvet Brown mixed with Dark Blonde highlights for contrast through the front .
25 I smelled a sewage sort of smell during the night and another passenger reported it to the crew .
26 Again without apology to Jonathon Porritt , I would say we are defining animal welfare as the quality of environment as perceived by the animal and we are defining environment protection as the quality of environment as perceived by us .
27 It became an important building as the burial place for the kings of Sweden .
28 That day the Brigade gave their first public display , and these events , with the rescue from a burning building as the highlight , were to continue into the 1930s .
29 But , he maintains , 24-hour protection for the Ks was simply not possible .
30 Lord Templeman has given examples of Parliament 's encroachments on the principle ( sometimes involving a measure of protection for the person compelled to make disclosure , and sometimes not ) and Lord Ackner , quoting a passage from Cross on Evidence , 7th ed. , p. 427 , has reminded your Lordships that the principle is not immutable .
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