Example sentences of "[be] to be [adj] " in BNC.

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1 " You 're to be good with Mummy , " he 'd commanded the twins after breakfast .
2 ‘ Well , judging from the size of the village , there may well be room for us if we 're to be content with small animals only , but I 'm afraid we 'll never get any farm work .
3 They 're to be married soon in the same chapel where Boz was married . ’
4 Please sir , Axl 's doctor said we 're to be nice to him because he comes from a broken home and he has to wear a kilt .
5 But this does n't take into account the capital equipment you need if you 're to be self-sufficient .
6 Mhm but they 're to be qualified people involved .
7 Some boys if I 'm to be honest , but we have n't yet worked out the right way of gong about it .
8 Many people have found its traditional keystrokes to be somewhat less than mnemonic , an opinion I tend to subscribe to , if I 'm to be honest .
9 Indeed , here one can detect a good example of how rich one has to be to be poor : precisely because a poor family can not afford expensive but once-and-for-all repairs ( assuming such repairs to be feasible ) , household maintenance must either be neglected , or undertaken in a cheap but piecemeal fashion , where any improvement is partial and temporary in its effect .
10 The ideal situation , of course , would be to be empathic and in rapport with the horse .
11 I think the first thing is to improve the appearance , because the area itself appears to me to be to be thriving .
12 Either we can influence and help that to be to be good or or you know if that 's a failure then see whether they can help us to produce one for the town .
13 Again , perhaps a point of clarification to be to be helpful .
14 Er and it was felt appropriate at the time that that should be indicated on the T the key diagram to be to be helpful more than nothing else .
15 To be to be honest i I , I , it 's been , the presentation I 've given tonight has been slightly different , it 's the first time I tried it and it was really successful .
16 Well to be to be honest to be honest er I have n't got children .
17 Now you know , to be to be honest I was talking about it , I could n't tell you what the average percent is from last year .
18 erm in that situation I fail to understand how that can necessarily be to be honest , because the vehicle in question has done eighty thousand miles .
19 Well I 'd like , Dave Girt , Leeds City , I 'd like s some recognition of West Yorkshire 's problems to be evident in er the deliberations , which er at the moment it 's it 's absent , it may it may have been taken into account but it 's absent in the exposition , and I I 'd also like some erm indication that competing development would not be massed on the boundaries of Leeds , that the scales of er the the distribution of the employment land seems to be to be biased towards those districts which which border Leeds .
20 How valuable it would be to be able to reconstruct what the site looked like while excavation was in progress .
21 Clearly you understand from my comments last week , we consider any of the any of the options be to be bad in terms of their traffic impact on the City .
22 ‘ Our job will be to be flexible .
23 What a deprivation it would be to be blind !
24 Because the reasons against the acceptance of authority vary it is not possible to discover in advance how strong the reasons for acceptance of the authority need be to be sufficient .
25 I am to be married .
26 If I am to be autonomous , God must go .
27 ‘ If I am to be disappointed , I should like to get it over . ’
28 On Mr Gajdusek 's behalf , I feel he must mean I am to be impersonal in any help I give you with your problems .
29 He said : ‘ I am doing it my way and if I am to be able to beat Alain Prost I want to do it on the track by out-driving him , not by any other means .
30 What a relief it would have been to be able to dismiss it all as a Homes and Gardens photo-call , carefully stage-managed to make visitors drop dead .
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