Example sentences of "[be] hold to [be] " in BNC.

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1 He argues that in the absence of diminishing returns to production of the intermediate or final good , or some element of product differentiation at intermediate or final levels , or the need for a firm 's intermediate product division to be held to being competitive , then vertically integrated firms will not participate in the intermediate good market .
2 Ronnie , I think , could be held to be a precursor of P for Patrick Doyle in Kelman 's novel of 1989 , A Disaffection .
3 A decision will not be held to be unlawful because it is ‘ unreasonable ’ in the ordinary , non-legal sense .
4 Peter Carter-Ruck , a leading libel lawyer , said : ‘ All you can say is that it would probably still be held to be defamatory to call someone homosexual today when they 're not .
5 If I thought that the present case raised the question which has been held in suspense by more than one writer on constitutional law — namely , whether an assembly can properly be held to be unlawful merely because the holding of it is expected to give rise to a breach of the peace on the part of persons opposed to those who are holding the meeting — I should wish to hear much more argument before I expressed an opinion .
6 It is also the case that people 's sex can not be held to be an effect of their job or their work record ; sex must be assumed to be causally prior to both of these variables .
7 Certainly , to the accountant , there is no reason why those doctors who are high spenders in their prescribing habits , should not be held to be financially accountable for their decisions .
8 Yet this is a ability rather than a benefit , and on these grounds the trust can not be held to be valid .
9 The question which concerns the text is therefore not tracing , but valuing the property which may be held to be under trust .
10 The search for the motivation leads back to the hypothesis put forward earlier , that life itself could be held to be synonymous with desire , therefore to have life was to have desire .
11 The effect of this decision is to reverse the trend that was evident from the preceding cases in which there had been a gradual tendency to expand the range of third parties to whom accountants might be held to be liable as a result of errors in financial statements .
12 A ‘ steersman ’ in a towed vehicle will be held to be ‘ driving ’ if the extent and degree of control could be said to correctly describe ‘ driving ’ ( R v MacDonagh , [ 1974 ] RTR 372 and McQuaid v Anderton , [ 1980 ] 3 All ER 540 ) .
13 Both find that life , and of course the activity of philosophy , is untenable without some standards of absolute truth , the canon of ‘ reason ’ , which can generate knowledge that can be held to be true regardless of perspective or context .
14 Since it was impossible to envisage the use of nuclear weapons in any way consistent with the laws of war , and since great and apparently law-abiding Powers possessed and threatened to use them , they must be held to be simply beyond the scope of international law ,
15 While people may be held to be responsible for an action they may not always be asked to account for it .
16 No one , suggested a judge in a leading case , should be held to be guilty of theft by reason of conduct to which no moral obloquy could reasonably attach .
17 It could be believed that God , whatever was understood by God , was equally close to all times and places ; that no particular period , and no particular events , were to be held to be more revelatory of God than others .
18 One response which can be made to the gap which exists between the world in which Christianity came into being and the present world is to allow what is to be held to be essentially normative for the religion to reside in the past .
19 Other biblical passages ( stage two ) may then be held to be less than adequate in terms of this criterion .
20 The theological justification behind such an approach ( not that I had necessarily thought this out at the time when I was a member of the church ) must surely be that God 's will must be held to be one with what is good , and therefore what Christianity proclaims can not differ from human ethical goods .
21 Either it must be said , in traditional terms , that , together with his human nature , he also had , in one person , a divine nature ; or in some other way he must be held to be unique .
22 It is said that if the Logos is to be conceived to be in some sense male , then equally the Spirit is to be held to be female .
23 The Chief Justice did however stress that a by-law would not be held to be unreasonable simply because a particular judge thought that it went further than was prudent or necessary or convenient .
24 In the ultimate resort also , the association of a constituency must be held to be the proper exponent of its wishes . "
25 It would be wrong to treat this case as a decision on the application of section 6. which was clearly not in the court 's contemplation , but it may be permissible to comment that if an offence of this kind is to be held to be sufficiently serious to justify a substantial community service order , the scheme of the Act , with its albeit clumsy attempt to raise the public perception of the severity of community sentences , seems destined to failure .
26 They were left to the existing law whatever it might be held to be .
27 This is put forward as an alternative basis on which the transfer should be held to be void .
28 In my opinion , a document should be held to be void ( as opposed to voidable ) only when the element of consent to it is totally lacking , that is , more concretely , when the transaction which the document purports to effect is essentially different in substance or in kind from the transaction intended .
29 The first is the large difference between the cost of providing some services and the amount of benefit which under the Bill would be held to be received .
30 However , this is not the end of the matter for the scope of this withdrawal of immunity is limited by the remainder of section 17 , which provides three routes through which secondary action may finally be held to be not unlawful .
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