Example sentences of "[be] think [prep] [be] " in BNC.

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1 They 're thought to be from an old church , and are helping archeologists to piece together a picture of life in medieval times .
2 Other northern Malawians arrested between February and May 1989 are thought to be among those set free .
3 Action , power , are thought to be contrasted , in Babel 's stories , with learning , devotion , resignation , suffering — those Jewish things .
4 Both Virgin and Thorn EMI are thought to be vying for the lucrative Jobete in Detroit , which controls the publishing rights to a catalogue of 15,000 Motown titles .
5 The moves to stem wildcat stoppages , condemned by unions and the Labour Party and the independent Industrial Society — are thought to be the first time ministers have sought to legislate against the individual .
6 Northumbrian , Wessex , Southern and Yorkshire are thought to be vulnerable .
7 They are thought to be from south China .
8 If there are thought to be sufficient similarities between the markets in two or more countries , comparisons can be made of selected statistics from each .
9 Crystal Palace have offered £1 million for Martyn , named in England 's B squad on Monday , while Watford have had a £500,000 offer for Penrice rejected but are thought to be considering a higher bid .
10 The manner in which the dolphin receives the returning echoes is also a mystery , but they are thought to be picked up by all parts of the body , to travel through the bones to the head .
11 Like much of the Marcos story , at least some of the paintings are thought to be fakes .
12 The aim : to persuade countries to reduce their output of greenhouse gases , which are thought to be warming the world faster than ever before .
13 In talking about what is good in the Protestant way of life , even evangelical Protestants go beyond theology and begin to list things that are thought to be the results of the right religion .
14 If these are thought to be appropriate for the person you are going to be in touch with , then the local Christian bookshop will undoubtedly stock a range .
15 The C2s ( skilled workers to lower management , broadly ) are courted , flattered and endlessly solicited for their opinions , since they are thought to be the deciding factor in the election .
16 At least two IRA cells are thought to be active on the mainland .
17 The stones consist of a pair of burr stones for corn grinding and a set of what are thought to be Peak stones used for animal feed .
18 Identification with the community is even consistent with hostility to its laws , if those are thought to be oppressive or unfair .
19 The Pele Tower and the gallery are thought to be 14th Century .
20 Some of the representations are thought to be actual portraits .
21 The bulls supporting the baldaquin are thought to be a reference to the peasant background of Queen Libuše 's husband and co-ruler , the first Přemysl .
22 Many Rottweilers are thought to be too soft when young and encouraged forward , forward , forward , in their defensive instinct .
23 What is wrong , however , is the comparison which places universities at the top because they are thought to be concerned with the abstract and academic , polytechnics below , because of their more technological emphasis ( which is itself , as often as not , a myth ) , and which deems schools to be worth considering only if they are seen as primarily devoted to academic ‘ standards ’ , imposed from above by the universities themselves .
24 However , several copies of the record are thought to be in circulation carrying the original Reception logo .
25 Although government figures show adult illiteracy rates continuing to fall to below 30 per cent , the real rates are thought to be far higher than this .
26 On the basis of data such as the following , younger mothers are thought to be particularly at risk .
27 Enhanced inputs of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides due to this process are thought to be contributing to acidification ( Blackie and Newson 1986 ) .
28 Higher level reservoirs are thought to be charged from the same source by migration through faults or fault contacts .
29 In both cases , the breccias are thought to be exclusively developed in the Z1 Carbonate , although it is possible that the upper part of the reservoir in Auk may represent a collapsed portion of the Z2 Carbonate .
30 The Kestrels breeding in Sussex are thought to be resident , but winter status needs further and more exact investigation ; some changes may have occurred since 1938 .
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