Example sentences of "[be] for [adj] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 If the choice now is between shoring up a democratically bankrupt Westminster or standing up for the restoration of Scottish democracy , then I am for Scottish democracy .
2 The trend of things had been for agricultural land to go out of production because it was easier to earn a living working in Israel .
3 Yeah I ai n't been for blooming ages .
4 Had the recommendation been for industrial action and the crews voted against , I have no doubt Mr Clarke would have applauded the triumph of democracy .
5 This needs materials scientists , whose contribution is likely to be as decisive for biosensor research as it has been for mainstream biomaterials research .
6 The chief way out of this difficulty has been for empirical studies to focus on surrogates for power , rather than directly on the exercise of power itself .
7 Detailing the " ruthless " abuse of human rights against opponents of the regime , the report said that many executions were officially described as having been for drug-trafficking offences , adding that prisoners had no recourse to legal counsel or right to appeal .
8 Had the Pages ' passion been for Lalique glass , the family might have felt constrained to creep about gingerly on tiptoe .
9 I would have died too if it had n't been for that telegraph pole . ’
10 And I 'll tell you somethin' else : your mother would n't have died if it had n't been for that man . ’
11 ‘ owing to the presence of which ’ This point is normally covered in any witness statement that might be available , viz. ‘ I saw four vehicles were involved etc. ’ or ‘ if it had not been for that vehicle the accident would not have happened ’ .
12 ‘ Had it not been for that publication Sally might have avoided that almost overwhelming sea of troubles which resulted from harmlessly intended praise . ’
13 erm The response has been for that authority then to groin its bit of beach , and so we end up with a situation today where along the Sussex coast practically the whole of the coast is groined , except for the areas which are backed by high cliffs , erm where we have the sorts of rates of erosion that I mentioned .
14 Although the triple junctions identified in Africa , including those along the continental margin as well as those in the interior , have variously evolved by spreading along one , two or all three rift arms , the most common sequence has been for one arm to remain inactive and form an aulacogen , with spreading occurring along the other two ( Fig. 4.13 ) .
15 The majority of systems that have been developed have been for restricted domains and small grammars .
16 Sucralose might never have been discovered had it not been for two Tate & Lyle scientists who deployed a basic research technique — they tasted it .
17 But she brought them because it salved her conscience to bring something , and she had not been for two weeks now .
18 Yes dear I went to erm , er the er holiday camp in October to erm , er with the Red Cross and I went with the , Charlie took me and I went in a car with a friend of mine we went to the Red Cross holiday in Patefield , but it poured of rain every day every day it poured of rain did n't October it was terrible , ever so cold , but we were well looked after you know and I enjoyed it and we had the wheelchairs to go around in on for the dancing , it was really great I thoroughly enjoyed it , I have n't been for two years I had n't , but I went like in October , cos you 're only allowed really every two years to go , that 's all you 're allowed really , but I thoroughly enjoyed it you know , it was nice
19 So he 's been for two years .
20 Cos I have n't been for two years since I 've been to that one !
21 Basically , the tradition has been for financial landowners to pursue the investment route by building shopping centres as a long-term project , e.g. the Coal Industry Pension fund in North Shields .
22 Has been for six years .
23 Of the temporary jobs concerned , nearly three quarters ( 70 per cent ) had been for six months or less ( Stern , 1982 ) .
24 The trauma underlying religion , which has been for long periods of time forgotten , remaining latent in the unconscious , was also a mixture of sexuality and aggression .
25 She ai n't been for long while has she ?
26 Some of the most effective recruitment campaigns I have worked with have been for limited commitment .
27 Subsequent Acts have tended to produce more detailed requirements , but the main thrust has always been for nationalized industries ' accounts to produce , as a minimum , the amount and kind of information that a PLC has to produce .
28 the , the chain sir the chain of logic and of course had it not been with one inter interposing there , had it not been for void restrictions , it would not have written , that 's when they were written , they were written only because of the restrictions that 's what enabled them to be written
29 Whereas the original demand had been for actual ships , the Crown began in the 1590s to ask for money instead .
30 There was a lesson at school I should have loved if it had not been for poor Lucy .
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