Example sentences of "[conj] you [verb] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 All the way down in the train I kept seeing you smiling at me — oh , so wistfully .
2 Who , seeing you reconciled after four years
3 But oh , the glory and the convenience of skiing in resorts where you step into your bindings and ski down to the lift without setting foot to snow , where you cruise all day on networks so meticulously designed that you have but to descend to find another fan of lifts at your disposal .
4 Should you decide not to accept the above major changes you may cancel your booking and we refund all monies paid and , where you advised of a major change within eight weeks of departure , issue you with compensation of £10 per person .
5 where you went for a walk , down , went to the shops
6 - You start forgetting where you went on holiday this summer .
7 ‘ You might own this place , Miguel , and you might have the right to stand where you like on it , but you 'll never make me pleased to see you ever again .
8 Head towards the cafeteria and you 'll see the Greenpeace marquee to the right , where you register for the walk .
9 IN Britain it 's more your style or where you come from or your haircut , whether you like The Stone Roses or whether you think such-a-body is shit .
10 ‘ We do n't known what you are and where you come from .
11 ‘ It must be very different where you come from , ’ Lady Grubb said enigmatically to Len , who came from Putney .
12 You 're no American , but what else do you call these black folks where you come from ? ’
13 Well that was fourteen minutes so you 've got fifteen minutes to ask questions of John , and it would help , I think , if you want to ask a question , to stand up and say who you are and where you come from , which constituency .
14 Maybe it 's different where you come from .
15 No not really — they just sit down and they listen to me and they 'll say something — " Brenda where you come from ? " [ laughs ] somefin' like that , you know what I mean , cause I 'm born English so they aks me what I want to speak Patois for ?
16 where you come from as well .
17 Where you come from can sell just about anything in the home counties .
18 Then Saturday morning she 'd load up again and start off round down at the round Mill Corner along the Piste for the and back and then across to the where you come from Ely and all those houses along there and she 'd get home about one o'clock from there .
19 Can I just ask your permission for our proceedings this afternoon to be tape recorded by Caroline , and I 've forgotten where you come from , Caroline ?
20 Include five-minute intense relaxation spots during both morning and afternoon , where you concentrate on relaxing muscles , slowing your breathing down and calming your mind .
21 The girl hoarsely whispers : ‘ Go back to hell where you came from , you old wart-hog . ’
22 I was endlessly patronized on my ‘ amazingly good English ’ at dinner parties and told in buses and in the streets to ‘ go back where you came from , chink ’ .
24 I have come to see you because that Mr R said to my son ‘ If you do n't like it here then go back where you came from and where you belong ’ and I was so upset at that because my son was born here and I have lived in this country for over twenty years and how dare he say that , because my son comes from here .
25 It 's heading for the coast , taking scum like you back where you came from . ’
26 Was it foggy where you came from ?
27 Yeah and there 's er as you go over the top there 's like a postman 's passage and you go past where you turn into it there 's in the corner there .
28 Where you know from eh ? ’ she flashed at him , ‘ Here , gim me that glass .
29 The Moorings ' holidays offered through Caribbean Connection range from fully crewed charter to combined hotel and sailing holidays where you stay at an hotel on Tortola or St Lucia , either learning to sail or combining the pleasures of a beach holiday with sailing .
30 Picture an island near Zanzibar ringed by a virginal coral reef where you stay in a thatched hut amongst palm trees on a pristine beach .
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