Example sentences of "[conj] over a [noun] " in BNC.

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1 Possibly its most endearing feature is that all the control is executed from the Macintosh , the PC can be connected locally or over a telephone line with modems and , apart from being started up , needs no attention .
2 But , perhaps more importantly , no other player could ( Law 18. ( 2 ) ( d ) ) wilfully fall on or over a player lying on the ground with the ball in his possession .
3 Often this is to do with the fact that the current bereavement has driven the person into emotional overload because of everything else that is happening in their life either currently or over a period of time .
4 This may be in a particular meeting or over a period of time .
5 Most businesses will place , or take , orders by telephone , or as a result of face to face dealing , for instance as a result of a representative 's visit or , less formally , at a trade fair or over a business lunch .
6 is the strong poverty trap , where over a range of earned income disposable income actually falls as earned income rises .
7 Most of these businesses were on such a small scale that over a half of them built no more than six houses during these three years and nearly three-quarters built no more than twelve ; the bankruptcy rate was high .
8 It is true that over a decade when the senior civil service was moving from being primarily regulatory in outlook to being primarily managerial , there was a lack of research , of assessment of situations before action could be properly planned .
9 That means for a regular punter , however , that over a period of time , for every £100 staked he or she will end up with £88 in pocket .
10 Another frequent difficulty is that over a period of years , constant masturbation , sometimes desperately engaged in for emotional comfort rather than sexual release , results in desensitization of the penis .
11 The inhalation of iodine-131 could cause thyroid cancer in people as far away as 24 km , and there is a 20 per cent probability that over a period of 10–20 years between 1000 and 10,000 people could develop thyroid cancer ( less than 10 per cent of these would be fatal cancers ) .
12 The government announced on Nov. 26 that over a period of three years it intended to cut 122,000 government jobs — approximately one fifth of state employees — at an estimated saving to the state of the equivalent of US$1,500 million .
13 Vernon ( 1971 ) argues that over a period of time , and particularly as a new technology matures , host countries are more able to drive harder bargains with the TNCs that wish to invest in them .
14 And we found that over a period of , oh about a couple of months , the same people almost used to come round .
15 There was also the possibility of sexual jealousy , going way back , but Greg had thought that over a lot , and still did not feel inclined to take the possibility seriously .
16 And the other interesting point to note is that over a number of years — over 5 or 6 years — all categories are consistently running at 90% occupancy .
17 There is an attractive walled garden , fifty acres of tranquil woods , farmland , and over a mile of brook and riverside for guests to enjoy at their leisure .
18 Here 's two new ones from Fender , but separated by several thousand miles and over a grand 's worth of drinking vouchers …
19 He is sure to outspeed his rivals in the St Modwen Novices ' Hurdle ( 12.30 ) on ideal ground and over a trip that is certain to suit .
20 Swirling in an army Chinook helicopter through wind and fog and over a sea of smouldering lava yesterday , it was easy to see why earlier plans to bomb or mine it off course and up on to the surface have been shelved .
21 This version had provision for the hot gases of combustion to be passed round and over a layer of slurry spread upon a drying floor .
22 After 48h and over a range of FGF-4 concentrations ( 10 , 50 , 100 or 500ngml -1 , about 0.8–40nM ) , the average length of -AER forelimbs is 50% greater than that of contralateral+AER forelimbs or forelimbs cultured without FGF-4 .
23 It was envisaged , however , that they would " voluntarily delegate " to the central authorities control over financial , credit and exchange policy , over common customs policy " to ensure protection of the union-wide market " , and over a range of other activities including management of defence industries , transport , energy and telecommunications .
24 It climbs up to and over a ridge and on the ascent reveals an exquisite vista of Loch Maree , a foretaste of joys to come .
25 Jason jumped out of the passenger seat and over a hedge to escape .
26 Imagine that you have just come home from your hard day being an Environmental Health Officer , and your neighbour , who happens to be a builder or bookmaker or something , invites you down to the pub , and over a pint he says , ‘ I heard something on the radio about some story .
27 Go on to Trecadifor Farm and over a cattle grid .
28 in slowness lift , and over a field
29 A path leads from the car park through the brambles and over a rock slap stile to enter open fields and descent to a lesser ruined mine building .
30 As much to find out how much Sasser had told him as to learn what Hurley was up to , Coleman agreed , and over a sandwich from the embassy canteen in Hurley 's basement office , discovered that the DEA attaché was trying to put together a videotape documenting narcotics production in the Bekaa Valley .
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