Example sentences of "[conj] i know [adv] " in BNC.

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1 Aggie made no reply to this , and the child remained quiet until it was evident that she recognized the entrance to the area , for she exclaimed , ‘ Oh ! now I know where we are . ’
2 I do n't really know where I , or I know where I 'm going but I have to take the troops with me I had er , I got you see what is parts of a I A P compact certificate it might in fact , if the boss would let me do , if I could do an industry in December right ?
3 I have cast this account in the past tense in order to relate it to the developments of the late 1960s , although I know that much of this shape and many of these assumptions have survived .
4 ‘ It 's not that there are two Nigel Mansells , it 's just that I know when to compete and when to relax .
5 I 've got this watch with an alarm on it , so that I know when to take it .
6 ‘ And when you see Bellybutton , tell him that I know where his brother is , and I 'll pick the bastard up whenever I choose and then feed him head first into a cane-shredder . ’
7 ‘ So I ca n't say that I know where your mother is or why she left . ’
8 There is of course no logical reason why things should be different this time , wrote Harsnet , why this too should not be an illusion , the illusion of imagining that I know not only what step to take first but also what step to take second and even what step to take third .
9 I can only say that I know not whence they came , nor have ever enquired whither they are going .
10 The special educational needs support service ( SENSS ) that I know well now has a structured hierarchy to ensure that available staffing resources are distributed through the borough according to needs .
11 But the energy was still there , we know full well , that there 's other MPs there , I think it 's thirty seven we 've got and we , the only one that I know well is Gerald Kaufman .
12 In my own drama teaching I rarely use games with a class that I know well , but when I 'm working with a class that I 've not met before I often begin the session with a short concentration exercise and then a simple game .
13 N do n't know that I know just the whisky barrels they were , a little I believe there was maybe a name for them .
14 Do n't forget that I know exactly what you 're capable of ! ’
15 That I know already . ' ’
16 Although I am sure that these remarks will apply to all constituencies in the north of Ireland , I can judge only what is happening in the one that I know best , which is my own , where 3,344 houses have been deemed ’ unfit ’ , as the Minister confirmed to me in a written answer in 1988 .
17 ‘ But all that means is that I know damn well what not to do .
18 The only person that I know about at the playhouse is Gordon .
19 Not that I know about .
20 It 's saying Sussex is n't a word that I know about .
21 j it just happens to be one that I know about .
22 I mean there are certain things like , the general conditioners to benefit , which erm , are alright , but there are other things that I know about and that I will pass on to people to look out for that I would n't want eh , that you would n't want eh , erm , outsiders to know .
23 All that I know so far — at least , all that is worth telling here — is that there are a number of different glycoproteins of a variety of molecular weights , on both pre- and postsynaptic sides of the membrane , involved in the response to training on the bead .
24 He said in a letter to shareholders : ‘ I believe that I know better than anyone what makes Amstrad operate and what needs to be done in order to secure its future .
25 I 'm not saying , twenty-five years later , that big Dave 's metaphor was quite as incisive as Virginia Woolf 's , I 'm just saying that I know now why he was n't entirely wrong .
26 ‘ You introduced me to Paris and it will be my turn to introduce you to England — not that I know very much about London .
27 ‘ I see that I know very little .
28 I 'm not sure that I know how to explain it to you . ’
29 When he was engaged in writing The Cocktail Party , he was asked how long he would devote himself to the theatre rather than to poetry ; he replied , " Until I can convince people that I know how to write a popular play " .
30 I 'm well educated and I 've got two children and I can manage pretty well , there 's a number of much more essential things that I know how to do , but I ca n't do those ones , and when they come up I feel like weeping myself sick . "
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