Example sentences of "[be] [prep] [det] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 Following the uprising and the overthrow of the legitimate government , whatever common interest there had been between these groups ceased and they began to fight each other .
2 Neil Young , the love-lorn introspective warbler , has , like every other Neil Young , been through many changes .
3 ‘ I have n't been drinking , Harvey , ’ she said patiently , as if this was a dialogue they had been through many times before .
4 These shrubs were cut of fat ground level so that stools developed from which new shoots emerged — the stools can therefore be of very great age , having been through many cycles of cutting .
5 The Liberal Democratic Party has been through many name changes since the 1987 election .
6 ‘ It is vitally important we get people who have themselves been through that experience , ’ said Christine .
7 House prices will not rise in the same way and consumers who have been through that experience have been hard bitten by it .
8 having been through that experience with Helen , he 'll be a lot more weary .
9 How would you describe , if you 'd been through that jungle what would you have said ?
10 yeah , erm yeah it was different erm with it only being role play it was a bit erm difficult to keep up with it sometimes and actually keep it going like , erm if it was the real life situation outside right you 'd know that the person you were talking to had more had been through that situation before
11 She 's been through that process once , and it seems that she 'll stay immune to further absorption .
12 Having been through that process once , the Social Security Committee is clearly interested in other areas .
13 Bull has now failed to score for seven games but Turner said : ‘ There is not a striker in the country who has not been through that sort of spell . ’
14 The dressing room was charged with venom , jealousy , spite , and also total and undisciplined panic , which stemmed mainly from Stefan , who had been through most things with Gesner in the course of the various Seasons , but never anything like this ; never before an open confrontation between Gesner and the Direktor in the middle of a performance .
15 The car has been through several variations of engine size , but now like an ageing but still beautiful dowager , repeated facelifts can no longer wholly hide the ravages of time and progress . ’
16 Appendix B. Right , Chris has already been through this part of it .
17 Mm we have n't been through this way for a long time have we ?
18 People who have been through this experience will describe how angry they feel with the doctor when having asked , ‘ How long ’ , they are told something like , ‘ We ca n't really say .
19 Anybody been through this experience before ?
20 And the unions had also been through this scene recently .
21 As a result , an Inservice Panel was established in June 1983 , and it has been through this body that project-related INSET development can be traced .
22 Considering how many times he must have been through this script , there are a lot of ‘ ums ’ and ‘ you knows ’ and pauses , but eventually we get there .
23 Her head was aching a bit too , but then that was not surprising perhaps after what she 'd been through this evening .
24 All we 've been through this evening
25 To date , three cases have been through this process .
26 If the client has not been through this process the search brief should be broadened to include this .
27 Have you actually been through this process at all in one of these meetings .
28 I 'd a lump on my head the size of a goose egg ; I 'd been through some kind of hell in the spaces ; I 'd prayed for … it was not what I 'd prayed for at all .
29 Although this may sound harsh and unreasonable , experience has made it hard for me to trust women who have never been through some form of separatist reaction .
30 It 's that sort of change that I think is extremely significant , and I think it happens for women very much at that stage , when they have been through those sorts of experiences themselves , so one way in which I think that we can change things is — and help people to change things for themselves — is very much to support and develop those kinds of second change erm access , returning to education , returning to work , type projects as very much part of mainstream education and employment , and I would like to see a much greater range of those sorts of projects available for people and erm a lot more government resources into supporting that kind of provision .
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