Example sentences of "[be] [verb] some time " in BNC.

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1 Special considerations : the appellant had been diagnosed some time previously as HIV positive and more recently AIDS had developed .
2 On Saturday he had been given some time off to visit his critically ill sister , 17-year-old Lillian , as she lay in hospital .
3 A lot of erm group one plans are , there are about ten thousand plans that are showing an arrears status at the moment , and premium has been missed some time ago , it 's not a , not a current premium , which means on the fifteenth of June or the first of July we will automatically go in and pick up two premiums , we 'll t we 'll try and collect the arrears without having notified the client of it in any way at all .
4 waistcoat I 've been saving some time to get them .
5 Mr Stuart-Moore said the notebook containing the master plan had been written some time before and some details had been altered .
6 So there 's a period of six weeks when they 're given some time to settle in and after that period there 's a review date set where myself , the supervisor , the key worker , the client , the client 's social worker in the community and family or anybody close will be invited .
7 its been , that has been blistering some time that , think its
8 The boat had been bought some time earlier but had been abandoned due to decay and damage .
9 Were open I mean there 's been lots of things done like that I mean you maybe aware of this sort of jazz in the Gilbey bar on Saturday lunch time and that 's been running some time then it 'll cease to come back again you know if you 'll actually counting on the people actually coming cos of the jazz there I think as your looking at it it was slightly up it was n't a was n't great influx because there was jazz available so yeah we 'll certainly look introducing things into different areas of the theatre but from past experience it does n't automatically follow that if you can do that then you know it 's gon na happen .
10 Thanks so very much for getting me Bloomfield 's annotated NT , vol I. I 'm delighted to have it , and have just been spending some time revisiting a few cruces to see what explanations are offered .
11 Alexei Pavlov , a marketing manager with the Ukraina Bank and Slava Tkatchenko , head of international payments at Gradobank , have been spending some time at Girobank to see how UK banks operate .
12 I am delighted that we will continue that process under my right hon. Friends the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State in the new Parliament which will be formed some time late next spring or in the summer .
13 A spokesman said about one-third of the sewage load from the town is due to be diverted some time this year to a new treatment plant .
14 Since then , there have been about half a dozen glitzy launches — featuring among others , the Home Secretary grinning into the television cameras , telling us that something was going to be done some time .
15 I would think that 's out because it would destroy the value of the house er that , that has got to be sold some time .
16 This is not simply a matter of becoming uncomfortably aware that the rapid increase of world population and accelerated industrialization pose a serious threat to the environment both by the massive consumption of finite material resources and by the emission of man-made heat and chemicals into the atmosphere ; a situation dramatically portrayed in a report by the Club of Rome ( Meadows et al. , 1972 ) , subsequently much criticized but now taken more seriously again , which concluded that : ‘ If the present growth trends in world population , industrialization , pollution , food production , and resource depletion continue unchanged , the limits to growth on this planet will be reached some time within the next one hundred years . ’
17 The company says it will be running some time this year , after more than three years ' work .
18 Or you might be better sitting down and ordering yourself a drink : the waiter may be gone some time .
20 ‘ You said you 'd be gone some time ! ’ she charged in self-defence , totally unaware , unlike Travis , that the firelight made a glorious halo of her hair .
21 I knew this to be true and believed firmly that when the word was given me in 1986 it would be fulfilled some time in the future .
22 Nottingham Forest are planning a £500,000 bid for the big Ballyclare man ; expect it to be tabled some time next week .
23 On page six of our agenda there are congress organization motions which clearly need to be discussed some time during this congress because they concern rule amendments , and if they do fall off the agenda because debate is long on the other things , I really do believe they should take priority because we wo n't be raising them for another three years .
24 Furthermore , it became clear that a number of the parties would be arriving some time before the three days set aside for the conference , thus giving themselves time to prepare their ground and gauge the mood of fellow guests , though their exact arrival dates were , again , uncertain .
25 In another measure , the Government extended the Landlord and Tenant Act protection to the licensed trade but they would not bring it in immediately — it had to be implemented some time in the future .
26 Money for use today can be bought in exchange for money to be repaid some time in the future .
27 On that day the three surviving entrants in a technical contest sponsored by America 's Federal Communications Commission ( FCC ) decided to form a ‘ grand alliance ’ to offer a single HDTV system , which is expected to be perfected some time next year .
28 The Environment Secretary will announce whether Gloucestershire is to be capped some time over the next 6 weeks .
29 Last night 's vote and the subsequent meeting , to be held some time next month , is bound to re-fuel the huge controversy that resulted from Gower 's non-selection behind South African rebel Mike Gatting .
30 Erm ironically after I wrote erm the letter was typed on Monday erm to Mr Mr the only lights that have been fixed since are the ones at the end of my street and the next street not as I complained about ones on the main road erm there 's an example that 's been going on for many months where a problem , an acknowledged problem of access existed which was the reason for delay but that as I understand it has been overcome some time ago now and it 's still there , this is a group of seven lights together , the lot , erm these lights are still out , they 're not in my ward in fact , they 're just .
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