Example sentences of "[conj] i [verb] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 As usual , the ‘ antiques ’ in the kitchen were things Bob & I used as children .
2 On another day we went to St. Anne 's where I played on the sands that were not a patch on those of the South Coast .
3 On one of them , where I farmed for 45 years , while my employees who belonged there spoke Gaelic , I also from time to time employed Scots speakers from Alyth , splendid fellows , in whose speech I could recognise classical Scots words which occur in the poetry of the Scottish Chaucerians .
4 I see the sign saying Welcome to Inverness just as I remember where I left the car and where I left from this morning and just before I turn and stamp to the nearest desk and demand in my highest dudgeon to be taken to Edinburgh on a charted Lear if necessary or limoed immediately to the highest-starred hotel within a reasonable radius for a free overnight dinner , bed and breakfast and unlimited bar tab .
5 ‘ When I asked you earlier where I fitted into the assignment you said that I 'd find out soon enough .
6 It is presumably that time which is relevant to the comment which I have n't the heart to repeat here where I refers to the current narrator .
7 Turning , then , to the relationship of criminal law and legal theory , I asked what legal theory might contribute to criminal law and I dealt with two central issues ; first , the limits of exposition imposed by the nature of legal rules which , I argue , are essentially incomplete and therefore incapable of a final , exhaustive statement ; and , secondly , the nature of methodological purity , where I argue against a tendency to distort data to fit a favoured critical principle .
8 where I squinted through the gap in the serving hatch
9 Where I felt at home .
10 My first real contact with the military was when I went on a familiarisation course to the Parachute Regiment depot at Aldershot when I was fourteen , and spent two days living in the mess , where I looked around the regiment , met serving officers and had some basic interviews with retired Colonels , who were in charge of selecting the future leaders of the toughest regiment in the Army outside of the Special Air Service .
11 I basically leave them stock , except for the lead pickup , where I go with a Lace Sensor Super Lead .
12 Where I go in my free time is none of your business , you interfering old cow . ’
13 where I hope to be forgiven
14 This was , at least , an improvement on an earlier pattern , where I went into the end-game with a lead of about 30 — and then lost on the black .
15 where I went to work down there and in a month they put , it was amongst a shop of about sixteen men and they all had separate orders and the men had got little lads working for them , you know .
16 ‘ Back where I came from .
17 ‘ I wo n't get a fellow , I 'm from nowhere , a decent fellow would n't be able to talk about me and where I came from .
18 Now I go back to my home where I came from .
19 Where I came from no one spoke of such things .
20 In my own section , towards the middle of the cloakroom , I saw to my horror two lines of girls staring at me and giggling , and as I came near , one of them asked in a sarcastic voice where I came from .
21 Where I came from . ’
22 But where I thought of this part of the game as the worst , Ken positively savoured it .
23 So I took myself off to my billet , feeling bloody frustrated and edgy , might I add , and thence to bed , where I thought about it .
24 I feel it is necessary to state my own interest : I am a retired mechanical engineer , at one time employed by a major international oil company where I specialised in research on fuel and lubricants for internal combustion engines .
25 Where I differ from Bourdieu is that I do not think that this important distinction leads inevitably to absolute aesthetic relativism .
26 Where I differ from him is on the nature of the collection as a whole , which to me seems a collection of poems differing in method and indeed quality , written over a period of years , and having two distinct sequences , to the Friend and to the ‘ Dark Lady ’ .
27 My father was not a rich man , but he was able to send me to Cambridge University , where I studied for three years .
28 To come somewhere like this would have been better , somewhere where I had to be in at a certain time , where I could n't have certain people come in .
29 Anyway , back to Le Coq d'Or where I lay on the truckle bed and drifted off to sleep .
30 Where I refer to sections of the Act which confer powers upon the Secretary of State which are now exercised by the S.I.B. , I shall refer to that body .
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