Example sentences of "[conj] it is that " in BNC.

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1 Our eyes do not wander randomly around the page when we are reading , but certain sorts of words are fixated more often than others ( O'Regan , 1979 ) , and this means that we must know in advance of a fixation where it is that we are going to look next .
2 The complaint is really a litany of er a whole host of the old grievances there that we have heard several times er before and we will be dealing with the matter in the proper place through our U S council in the U S courts , in terms of er suggestions that it is that it surrounds the question er of monopoly we certainly er do not accept that thirty eight percent of slots at Heathrow in any way constitutes a monopoly it certainly does not .
3 Ultimately the most memorable lines in this volume must be those penned by Bonnard to Matisse in January 1940 : ‘ When I think of you , I think of a mind cleansed of every old aesthetic convention , and it is that alone that permits a direct view of nature , the greatest joy that can befall a painter .
4 I 'm just asking Professor for my own clarification at this stage , and it is that he does not agree to accept Mr 's addendum .
5 The keyword SELECTED-ISSUE requires the issue number to be stated , and it is that named ‘ selected ’ module with the stated issue number that is contained within the package .
6 The conclusion is obvious ; and it is that those local searchers for a place here , who are being crowded out by the southerners , are most likely to be northern Catholics .
7 And it is that each local church , of whatever sign should be invited to nominate from amongst their elder division those elders who district council might consider and recognise as dividing elders for a stated period of years with authority to do , provide them all services of worship and meetings of that local church , as the need arises .
8 But I think that sex can be a fleeting thing and sometimes I believe that if it is that alone as the basis of a relationship , then all the finer and better qualities are thrown out of the window .
9 If it is that I do not , on the grounds that had I heard about the invitation my justification would have been defeated , you have a duty to give some account of why the ( unknown to me ) truth that my wife has refused the invitation does not somehow redress the balance .
10 If it is that the Court of Appeal should have relisted his case , then his application would have to have been made to the Commission by March 1991 .
11 ‘ I 'm not sure if it is that fast but you can reach horrific speeds . ’
12 The thinning out process has been a great shock to me , I had a higher opinion of working class thought — but it is that where the weakness lies , not in our efforts of propaganda .
13 But it is that same obstinacy or , put another way , determination to win , that has not only made him a successful captain , but also into one of the most feared batsmen in the world .
14 Plockton started existence as a fishing port , and the old harbour can still be seen , but it is that no longer , pleasure sailing being the new order of the day ; and visitors are catered for without fuss or ostentation .
15 There seems to be no particular difficulty with exigo , unless it is that it takes the form not of a request ( like the wordings in Gaius ) but of an instruction .
16 It is necessarily of the same quality as the data used to support managerial control , because it is that data , used for a different purpose ; and because the data is of a type already in currency , its use needs no special explanation or defence .
17 Whether it is that nowadays people are less interested in playing games as between author and reader , or whether it is that the human liking for games-playing has been transferred to other fields I do not know .
18 Whether it is that nowadays people are less interested in playing games as between author and reader , or whether it is that the human liking for games-playing has been transferred to other fields I do not know .
19 I in particular , bearing in mind the point that er Mr i is making , that er newts seem to be as it were very choosy in where they er go , bearing in mind the existence of at least three other ponds in Skelton , I would like to know whe how er why it is or whether it is that newts are only found in this pond , and whether or not er the the survey has shown anything in either of er in any of the other ponds .
20 … the cliché is not necessarily just something banal , in the sense that it occurs frequently , though it is that too : a cliché is a convenient falsification .
21 Clear as it is that the terms of intra-bloc trade deteriorated from the USSR 's point of view in the 1970s , the issue deserves to be treated with a degree of wariness .
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