Example sentences of "[conj] it be [verb] " in BNC.

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1 Some of the government appointments as heads of the programme companies were proven professionals — under ORTF : for example , in 1978 , the head of TFI , Jean-Louis Guillaud , had previously advised Pompidou on broadcasting and prepared the launching of the third channel ; the head of A2 , Maurice Ulrich , would later be ‘ Chef de Cabinet ’ of Chirac when premier ( 1986–8 ) ; Claude Contamine , head of FR3 , and later ( 1986–9 ) head of A2 , had been one of the first — when assistant DG of ORTF in 1964 — to commission work from independent producers , despite ORTF 's formal monopoly of production ; further proof-if it were needed — of the longevity of the connection between broadcasting and the state .
2 Its production has become associated with Italy , and in particular the Florence area , where it is represented in the heraldic arms of that city .
3 The means of promoting consensus on the curriculum proved to be The National Curriculum 5–16 : a consultation document ( hereafter TNC ) , where it is argued that the national curriculum will help to raise standards by ensuring that all pupils follow a broad and balanced curriculum throughout the compulsory period ; by setting clear objectives of what pupils should be expected to achieve ; by ensuring that all pupils , irrespective of their sex , ethnic origins or geographical location have access to the same curriculum offer ; and by checking on performance and progress at various stages .
4 In climatology the system has been adopted as providing a suitable framework and appears as the introductory foundation for Causes of Climate ( Lockwood , 1979a ) , where it is argued that the application of systems theory and mathematics has completely changed the subject of climatology .
5 That this order was sometimes carried out is now confirmed in The Secret Hunters by Anthony Kemp ( 1986 ) , where it is revealed that on Operation Loyton , to quote one example , captured S.A.S. soldiers were shot in the locality of Moussey , between Luneville and Strasbourg .
6 Likewise , if anthropologists used the word religion in the sense in which it is ordinarily used by ordinary speakers of English , where it is tied in with such compartmentalized matters as church membership and a professional priesthood , then it would have no application at all to most of the societies which anthropologists usually study .
7 On the basis of 1 Chronicles 21 , where it is recorded that David incurred divine displeasure because he ordered a national census , some Christian leaders refuse to gather statistics of their membership .
8 If the policy-making area is technical and complex , public officials have a decided advantage , even though the state may not have a total monopoly of technically relevant knowledge in policy areas where it is pursuing corporatist arrangements .
9 A large aerogenerator programme is at present underway in the Netherlands where it is hoped that wind will be supplying about one quarter of Dutch electricity demand by the year 2000 .
10 The Museo Correr 's own permanent collection of Canova is displayed in the last of the series of rooms , the ballroom , where it is hoped that it can remain on permanent show .
11 The aim throughout the year will be to cover all aspects of accompaniment ; Piano in October , Percussion in January , Taped Music in March and , finally in June a Music Workshop where it is hoped qualified teachers will bring along tapes and records that they have used in their classes and which might be helpful to other teachers .
12 These may be very useful where it is hoped to build in cross-curricular links .
13 Where it is hoped to offer the target 's shareholders " roll-over " or " hold-over " relief on a securities exchange , the bidder will usually find it desirable to obtain advance clearance from the Inland Revenue ( see para below ) .
14 The RR wiper motor is mounted in rubber bushes where it is screwed to the bulkhead .
15 Given the commitment of general managers , resources will be found and expertise deployed where it is wanted by the managers .
16 If there is , the case goes to the Crown Court ( sitting with a jury and in many different places ) , where it is heard by a Queen 's Bench or Circuit judge or by a Recorder ( in certain circumstances joined by two to four Justices of the Peace ) .
17 The road leading into the pleasant village of Austwick branches from the A65 and at a fork at the north end of the village a left turn , unsignposted , climbs through a leafy avenue into Crummackdale , reaching open country where it is crossed by an unsurfaced lane coming from Clapham .
18 This method works supremely well in Paris Trout , where it is contrasted with the sharply defined small town in a southern state that is the setting .
19 Where it is contrasted , as ‘ false consciousness ’ or as ‘ illusory experience ’ with ‘ science ’ — ( cf.
20 A sense of diffused uncertainty , of groping in the dark for remedies , associates itself with the theory even where it is accepted .
21 Figure 9–3(b) illustrates the special ease where A and B have identical utility functions or , alternatively , where it is accepted that A and B ought always to be treated as if they had identical utility functions .
22 Monday 9pm : Finished tape is taken to BBC events unit at Kensington House , Shepherd 's Bush , west London , where it is kept ‘ under lock and key ’ , according to a BBC spokesman .
23 In others , such as the strongyloids , it is large , and opens into a buccal capsule , which may contain teeth ; such parasites , when feeding , draw a plug of mucosa into the buccal capsule ( Fig.3 ) , where it is broken down by the action of enzymes which are secreted into the capsule from adjacent glands .
24 That not all have survived is made clear in " The New Guide to Islay , " 1900 , where it Is written that " On a plateau near Laggan farmhouse there was until recent times , a sheet of fresh water of considerable size called Lochan na Crannaig — which was drained . "
25 The hon. Gentleman does not need to rely on my words to rebut every word that he has just said ; he need only read the latest edition of the in-house magazine of the Confederation of Health Service Employees , where it is written : ’ The Mid-Glamorgan District Linen Service is efficient because it has no choice .
26 With the war of words between the two largest republics of the former Soviet Union reaching dangerous levels , Mr Yeltsin 's deputy , Mr Alexander Rutskoy , warned that if Kiev pressed its claims on the fleet , Russia would re-examine the status of the Crimean peninsula , where it is based .
27 With the war of words between the two largest republics of the former Soviet Union reaching dangerous levels , Mr Yeltsin 's deputy , Mr Alexander Rutskoy , warned that if Kiev pressed its claims on the fleet , Russia would re-examine the status of the Crimean peninsula , where it is based .
28 However , the expertise it has developed serves a much wider geographical area than the West Midlands , where it is based .
29 But first there are further instructions about how the Passover is to be celebrated , who may join in , and where it is to take place .
30 However , we will certainly look very carefully indeed at the qualifications and at the control of any potential incinerator and where it is to go , should one come forward in Northern Ireland .
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