Example sentences of "[conj] it [verb] [conj] " in BNC.

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1 Total exclusion of liability for failure to perform a contract at all is unlikely to be reasonable where it occurs because of acts or omissions within the control of the party in default , which are caused by negligence , incompetence or inadvertence but not wilful default ( " inadvertent default " ) .
2 ‘ What does it mean here , where it says that this used to be a ‘ crubeen shop ’ ? ’
3 Just reading here where it says that erm B and Q they 're having a slanging match with Texas cutting all their prices paints tools they 're trying to outdo them with the prices .
4 Afterwards , incongruously dressed in a raincoat , she went to the bows and stared briefly down at the mesmerising onrush of sea where it split and foamed at Wavebreaker 's cutwater .
5 It 's true that when cuts are put in , however good the editor , they just do n't have the same timbre and tempo ; you do n't get that live atmosphere where it feels as though you 're there . ’
6 No high for finishing the marathon if you do n't run through the nerves at the start , the blisters , the soft grey stage of the race where the roadscape does n't change , where it feels as though you have done it all and yet there are still a few miles to go .
7 Nutty switched her attention once more to the deep end , where it seemed that Nails was giving Jazz a compulsory lesson in turns .
8 Where it seemed that this would cause injustice , equity stepped in with the doctrine of " part performance " : if the contract were partly performed , equity would not allow a statute to be used " as an engine of fraud " .
9 An interesting point is raised at the end of the book , where it estimates that out of 210 Mustangs that survive worldwide , 112 are reported to be airworthy .
10 It should be noted , however , that there are only two miracles where it states that Jesus healed out of a sense of compassion or pity ( Mark 1:41 ; Luke 7:13 ) .
11 And now , so many scars have grown over where it hurts that I 'm not sure I 'm clear anymore about what I 've lost .
12 ‘ He was n't keen to put his head where it hurts and that does n't go down well here .
13 A bib had been tied around Bissell 's neck to collect the raw , liquid plaster which oozed from his mouth where it congealed and hardened .
14 The scrap can only hold one item , the last block deleted , so put it back where it belongs before you delete anything else .
15 Something moved on the farther side of the lochan , something hulky and dirty white , caught in the bog myrtle , where it shifted and billowed in the breeze .
16 Green blood spurted wildly into the air , much of it landing into the stew pot where it fizzed and crackled like little gun shots .
17 I knew exactly where it stood because one of our pampas bushes was there and , in the middle of it , a coloured ball of Tony 's .
18 A few French Commandos were making their way across the farmyard in the direction of a large barn where it appeared that someone was attempting to prepare breakfast .
19 Key areas where ‘ perverse incentives ’ are most likely to pressurise NHS and SSDs after April are best indicated by the Institute of Health Services Managers ' evidence to Parliament , where it complained that there was no satisfactory delineation of social care from health care .
20 The term of the grant is sixteen years , but where it appears that a patentee has been insufficiently remunerated , the Court may extend the term for a period not exceeding five , or , in an exceptional case , ten years .
21 First , where it appears that there has been a breach of the statutory provisions , he or she must make a report to this effect to the Prime Minister .
22 A very interesting sub-set in this category is that in which the Christian or baptismal name is followed immediately by one of like kind , as in the case of Johannes Geoffrey , where it appears that a personal name has been pressed into service as a byname .
23 This is mirrored in a survey by Bunting ( 1981 ) in the UK , where it appears that the general public hold some realistic and generally favourable views of deaf people even though there is no understanding of the language needs of pre-lingually deaf people .
24 By s. 3 of the 1986 Act the court may make a disqualification order where it appears that the person has been persistently in default in delivering returns , accounts or other documents to the Registrar of Companies .
25 Evidence to support this general contention has been found in Warwickshire and Devon , where it appears that new building has been concentrated mainly in the major settlements of the hierarchy .
26 It is easy to see why a police officer might take the view that there is no obvious use for a time-consuming and expensive procedure such as an identity parade where it appears that the suspect is known to the witness .
27 Then , as section 2 of the 1980 Act , they have the duty , originally spelt out in section 1 of the 1948 Act , to receive a child into care where it appears that a child under 17 ‘ has neither parent nor guardian or is lost or that his parents or guardian are , for the time being or permanently , prevented by reason of mental or bodily disease or infirmity or other incapacity or any other circumstances from providing for his proper accommodation , maintenance and upbringing ; and in either case , that the intervention of the local authority under this section is necessary in the interests of the welfare of the child ’ .
28 The regulations give some guidance by directing that an application may be refused where it appears that any advantage accruing would only be trivial , where the simple nature of the proceedings would not normally require the assistance of a solicitor , or where funds from another source were available but not pursued .
29 Where it appears that an item of income falls within Cases IV or V and also Case I the Revenue can choose which Case to apply .
30 On both her outings Silk Slippers has thrust her attractive nose in front just where it matters and in so doing has established herself not merely as a valuable stud prospect , but an exciting candidate for next year 's 1,000 Guineas and Oaks .
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