Example sentences of "[conj] [is] [adv] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 That there is this mutual entailment with respect to the two members of each pair is , or is intimately connected with , the proposition that the two conditionals state the same fact of connection between two things in the world .
2 A bald answer to a problem , even though correct , will not earn many ( perhaps not any ) marks , because the examiner can not tell whether the student has knowledge or is just guessing .
3 Even in political systems where political neutrality is not regarded as necessary for public service , or is even thought undesirable , officials are subject to the formal authority of politically recruited executives , indicating that the responsiveness of bureaucracies to the political direction of other institutions is a universal problem .
4 A further difference in style between the firms is whether the culture of the organisation is centred around one or two key people or is broadly based and spread across all the consultants .
5 The thrust of the above arguments is the suggestion that there is , or is widely believed to be , a trade-off between efficiency and equity whose precise form is unknown .
6 Also some ratios are fairly crude eg Index of Labour Turnover , which shows the position in gross terms and gives no indication as to whether turnover is spread throughout the organization or is heavily concentrated in one department or in one occupation .
7 a single prostitute who provides services in private premises to one client at a time without spectators is guilty of the common law offence of keeping a disorderly house if it is proved that the services provided are of such a character and are conducted in such a manner … that their provision amounts to an outrage of public decency or is otherwise calculated to harm the public interest to such an extent as to call for condemnation and punishment .
8 Thus the statement " The concept lion is not empty " obviously is not likely to convey the desired information unless it is already clear from the context , or is otherwise indicated , that what is being talked about are actual and not merely imagined or fantasized lions .
9 Under TA 1988 , s677(10) there shall be treated as a capital sum paid to the settlor by the trustees of the settlement any sum which is paid by them to a third party at the settlor 's direction or by virtue of the assignment by him of his right to receive it or is otherwise paid or applied by the trustees for the benefit of the settlor and which would not otherwise be treated as a capital sum paid to the settlor .
10 For the examples to work , it must be possible for a false belief still to be justified ; and a justified belief must justify any belief which it implies ( or is justifiably believed to imply ) .
11 Or is both sided , soldered ?
12 These are factors which decide whether the specimen is initially handled as a solid and disaggregated after fixation , or is immediately disaggregated and handled from the outset as a cell suspension .
13 Second , if the condition goes unrecognised , or is incorrectly treated , irreversible damage may occur .
14 ( a ) the nature of the shareholdings in the company ( including whether control is in the hands of the public or is privately held ) ;
15 Whether he gave the command to open fire in Vilnius and Riga or is cynically refusing to condemn the thuggery of his troops in order to put pressure on the Baltic republics , he has taken the side of order against law , acting in defiance of those republics ' legally elected parliaments .
16 Or is deliberately told .
17 In another context Allen and Massey ( 1988 , p. 2 ) develop the notion of periods of structural change to describe this process , and one of the central questions around which this chapter is organized is whether the UK state has recently passed through ( or is still passing through ) such a period .
18 In the same way , the country will add up how much has been paid or is still owed from overseas countries for goods exported to them .
19 Select a strong healthy stem that has borne a good bloom , or is still carrying one that has gone over the top , and look at the stem lower down — to see if you can find nice plump axillary buds or eyes in the leaf axils — these are latent growth buds , and they are going to become your new roses !
20 If not , and he 's picking the frog out of everyone who has or is still playing for the team , surely Strachan 's contribution far outweighs anything done by the Frog .
21 The current year , the ninety three ninety four year I have figures only up to the end of December and in comparison to the previous full twelve months the number of applications is almost as high in the first three quarters of the year but the fee income is about half what had been received for the full previous year and that is the problem that we 're facing , that the number of applications , the amount of work is , is staying the same or is indeed increasing slightly , er but the fee income , because of the nature of the the applications and the fee regime that is charged , is actually falling off quite rapidly .
22 The bill would apply to any article which has a blade or is sharply pointed , except a folding pocketknife with a blade of less than three inches .
23 Or is only pronouncing the element to be a metal ( or a non-metal ) classification ?
24 Only one is commonly noticed , the silverfish that glides smoothly across cellar floors or is occasionally discovered making a meal of the dried glue in the bindings of books .
25 A market purchase is one made on a recognised investment exchange ( which includes the London Stock Exchange and the USM ) , whereas an off-market purchase is one which is not made on a recognised investment exchange ( ie by private contract ) or is so made but the shares are not subject to a marketing arrangement on that exchange .
26 Thus , where a Chinese wall is maintained and no information passes over it or is actually acquired in some other way , Core Rule 36 should provide protection .
27 But they vary considerably in their anatomy and , as is often the case when considering the simpler members of a group , it is sometimes difficult to decide whether a characteristic represents a truly primitive survival or is secondarily reduced to suit a particular way of life .
28 It is also often unclear whether it is being claimed that the bureaucracy is truly multifunctional or is merely recruiting and socializing its own members , articulating their interests , or acting as ‘ one of the main channels of political struggle in which and through which different interests are regulated and aggregated ’ ( Eisenstadt 1963 , p. 112 ) .
29 Non of that product is or ever has been or is ever going to be sold .
30 Cocoa butter is blended with sugar and flavourings and , sometimes , milk powder to produce confectionery , or is further processed to remove the fat , leaving cocoa powder .
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