Example sentences of "[conj] [det] give [prep] " in BNC.

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1 What they definitely do indicate are the extremes of weight problems ; where your weight falls higher than the amount given under the large-frame weight for your height , or lower than that given for the small-frame weight for your height , then you have problems .
2 Because the film includes no genital close-ups or explicit sexual activity , it has played in many parts of the world , occasionally with a classification less restrictive than that given to so-called ‘ hardcore ’ sex films .
3 With each equation the average rank given to correct words is better than that given to incorrect words .
4 In addition , farmers with an agreed development plan in the LFA receive a ‘ guidance premium ’ , which is not higher than that given outside the LFA in the UK ( though it could be one third higher under the Directive ) .
5 The salary offered for the Ruislip post was marginally higher than that given in Hendon but the tribunal found that the offer of alternative employment at the new location was less advantageous to him .
6 Thus , the proportion of known users in the community as a whole is likely to be greater than that given in Table 5.8 .
7 There is no good reason for it other than that given by Bertrand Russell in that more troubled decade : ‘ The world in which we are now living would have seemed , before 1945 , too horrible to be endured .
8 The letter , dated June 23 , refers to reaching an agreement for a Sunday Times article presenting ‘ a more balanced picture ’ than that given by the Morton book serialisation which portrays Diana as victim of a loveless marriage .
9 Commentators in Washington noted that Bush 's use of the word " irreversible " , to describe the process of change in South Africa , was a stronger form of recognition than that given by European Community member countries .
10 The mean risk rating given in the Groeger and Chapman study was in fact considerably higher than that given by subjects in this experiment ( mean=3.66 , s.d. =0.74 as opposed to mean=2.15 , s.d. =0.50 ) .
11 Critics of official statistics argued that not all those out of work were registered as unemployed and that the real figure was therefore higher than that given by the Department of Employment , which is responsible for compiling the data .
12 feeling that this gave to the beginning of that conference and this government then has the audacity to talk about the burdens on employers what about the burdens on the families of those whose relatives have been killed or diseased through workplace injuries by the negligence of the employers that actually employ them ?
13 Chief Superintendent McLean says that last summer the resources he allocated to the protection of the Ks were greater than those given to anything , other than really serious crimes such as murder , in the two years he had been in charge of Hounslow division .
14 Some firms do this by giving non-essential workers less generous relocation allowances than those given to key staff .
15 Married employees may not , under the Sex Discrimination Act 1975 , receive less favourable treatment than single employees and thus may not receive lower allowances than those given to single staff .
16 In general , housing allowances amount to around 15 per cent of salary although company policy may allow for lower-paid employees to receive greater percentages than those given to the more highly paid .
17 However , the two sets of normality ratings are not significantly correlated r(22)=-0.06 , and the ratings given in Study 3 are much higher than those given in the Groeger and Chapman study .
18 ( Their powers and duties resemble those given to English and Welsh school governors by the 1986 Education Act rather than those given by the 1988 Education Reform Act . )
19 In this case components of the geodesic equation other than those given by eqn ( 6.19 ) become the most important .
20 Variables in themselves are divided between those determined inside the model ( endogenous ) and those given outside the model ( exogenous ) .
21 The Australian government on June 16 expressed its concern at the discrepancies between the sentences imposed on civilian protesters and those given to soldiers in the wake of the November 1991 army massacre of pro-independence demonstrators in Dili , the capital of East Timor [ see pp.38579-80 ; 38677 ; 38769-70 ; 38867-68 ] .
22 6 One movement in a single section but in two different versions ( no. 5 ) has a timing , but it is not clear to which version this timing relates ; however , the composer 's autograph direction , ‘ Point viste , mais marque ’ and those given in the Cauvin MS ( Versailles , Bibl. mun. , Ms mus 226 ) and the 1729 edition ( ‘ Rondement et marque ’ ) , together with the stated desire on the first folio to shorten the work , strongly suggest that it is the shorter version of 60 bars to which this timing applies .
23 namely Thucydides ) , but voting techniques were not : there was no counting of votes at all ( something which would have taken several hours when the agenda was as crowded as that given at the beginning of Demosthenes ' fiftieth speech of 362 BC ) , and the ‘ consensus ’ was determined by a show of hands , which tellers then adjudicated , in a fashion no more precise than that of a modern shop-steward who ‘ counts ’ a sea of hands at a trade union mass meeting .
24 Asserting , what was palpably untrue , that ‘ There are probably few people in India who do not sincerely regret that you should have made it impossible for any government to leave you at liberty ’ , he handed down a sentence of six years ' simple imprisonment , pointing out — the crowning touch-that the sentence was the same as that given to the nationalist hero Bal Gangadhar Tilak , twelve years before .
25 Witnesses were warned that if they gave false evidence they would suffer the same verdict as that given to the accused ( Mark 14:56–7 ; Matt.
26 A telephone call received by the Bogotá newspaper El Tiempo on Sept. 20 allegedly from the Medellín cartel had confirmed the kidnappings and included a demand that the government offer the cartel the same " political treatment " as that given to left-wing guerrillas in past peace agreements [ see below ] .
27 The advice is the same as that given for westward flights — though , of course , whether people living in the new time zone are awake or sleeping will differ .
28 The evidence was overwhelming , but none so precise and clear as that given by a Mr Bryant and his teenage daughter .
29 Although basically the same as that given in the Warhammer rulebook , we have made a few additions and included more explanation , so we suggest you read through these new rules even if you are already familiar with the original ones .
30 ( c ) Connected company A company is connected with the settlement if it falls within TA 1988 , s681(5). ( d ) " Capital sum " The expression " capital sum " has the same meaning as that given in s677 and any question whether a capital sum has been paid to the settlor by a body corporate or to a body corporate by the trustees shall be determined in the same way as any question under that section whether a capital sum has been paid to the settlor by the trustees ( s678(5) ) .
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