Example sentences of "[conj] [adv] [verb] that " in BNC.

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1 Carson thereupon fell out of the contest — or rather announced that he was not standing , for no official nominations had been made .
2 CALL IT teamwork , call it intuition , or perhaps summon that perennial old-stage Lady Luck , but The Joyriders ' opening gambit in the face of a non-committal Saturday night gathering bears the hallmark of an almost supernaturally-gifted outfit .
3 ‘ He more or less admits that he fired first . ’
4 I mean lunch time we were hearing how , because they stood up for what was right , it was over the killing of soldiers and that , this man job and actually he more or less said that he was something wrong with his head did n't he ?
5 ‘ He more or less said that he 'd leave the arrangements for Gray 's funeral and requiem in my hands and that , as for the press , Chapter could deal with them as they liked .
6 I 'll be telling most some of the tales about that time , and then the other tales will be about what happened to me in sixty nine when I started up , because the changing legislation s more or less said that if you had a vehicle of thirty hundredweight or less you could move an er wh whoever 's furniture you liked anywhere you wanted to .
7 Definitely , yes , I would say like I 've spoke to Brian Horton on Sunday and he more or less said that it 's er Oxford United , fourth position in the league , let's hope so like you know , they are like , and I 've come here maybe to help get them in a better position .
8 Definitely yes , I would say like , I 've spoke to Brian Horton on Sunday and he more or less said that it 's er Oxford United in fourth position in the league , and let's hope so like you know .
9 A score of ten or less suggests that a revision of all Goal I material is needed .
10 Our chart more or less confirms that the more central bankers a country has , the slower is its growth rate .
11 I more or less demanded that Nigel be referred to her .
12 The 15 or so parties that claim to speak for British Muslims are constantly at war with each other .
13 Everyone in the developed countries around 1970 or so knew that there was both a baby bust and an education explosion going on ; half or more of the young people were now staying in school beyond high school .
14 Said I can guarantee that you 'll have it in a week or so said that she got to have it
15 It is sometimes very strange to see an AIB Engineering Inspector and an RAF doctor with their heads down inside the wreckage of a crashed aircraft in the AIB hangar at Farnborough , arguing , discussing or merely agreeing that this or that component is not strong enough to sustain survivable crash forces on a row of seats or that a part of the galley constitutes a lethal hazard against which passengers could suffer injury in a crash .
16 Then , it seemed hours later , when he sensed or smelt or somehow divined that he was almost at the road , there came , as likely as not out of his own imagination , the delicate sound of an indrawn breath .
17 I assure my hon. Friend the Member for Croydon , North-West ( Mr. Malins ) that an examination of other elected assemblies which can be paralleled to ours in Europe , America or elsewhere shows that we in the British House of Commons spend three , four or even five times longer debating legislation .
18 ( h ) I have no evidence at all from her mother or from any other source that Miss T. 's following of some of the beliefs and some of the practices is so well thought out or deeply considered or sincerely held that the conviction is one which would necessarily lead her to an irrevocable refusal .
19 One study of women whose pregnancies had run to 41 weeks or more showed that those who were induced were less likely to have a Caesarian .
20 He started staying late in the office , until 10.00 pm. or later pretending that he was contacting clients .
21 In addition , it is open to the producer or director to show that he did not know or reasonably suspect that the offending programme would be included in a cable programme , or that in the context of the broadcast the programme would probably provoke racial hatred .
22 Satisfied that these arrangements were as safe as any in the circumstances , Coleman decided to beef up his cover by inviting Peter Arnett , Cable News Network 's correspondent in Jerusalem , to join him in interviewing the general — without , of course , revealing his identity as an intelligence agent or even suggesting that there might be a hidden motive for the visit .
23 Which left him wondering why Alexei had agreed to the proposal at all — for if he knew or even suspected that there was to be no marriage , it was difficult to see where he perceived his advantage to lie .
24 Had no one in the hospital tried to stop him leaving or even noticed that he was missing ?
25 As far as I was concerned , reading was an automatic skill rather than an indication of superior intelligence or understanding , and no one but myself seemed to have noticed the difference , or even realised that there was one .
26 This is not to say that women 's experience , perceptions , feelings and emotions are self-validating and constitute in themselves an epistemological standpoint , or even to say that they are always correctly identified and described , but it is to suggest that philosophy would look rather different if women 's experience had the same rights of entry as that of men .
27 Otherwise one might make a statistical correction or even hope that its effect is small , i.e. discrimination might be good enough even when light is lost due to blocking .
28 David Scott was not one of the more successful county politicians , and perhaps his attitude is a little too pure for the real world of eighteenth-century politics , but it represents , even if in an exaggerated form , the general political maxim that the politician performs friendly services for his friends without haggling over a bargain , or even implying that an understanding existed which might suggest that a vote was given for services rendered , or as in this case , for services which might be performed at a future date .
29 It is only once the problem is well under way or even completed that one fully knows what the notation is required to do .
30 Crime and Punishment did not merely reflect or even confirm that strange and removed elsewhere , the world journalists write about .
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