Example sentences of "[conj] [noun sg] give [prep] " in BNC.

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1 The tribunal has a limited authority , the correlative of which is the power of the court , on review , to keep that tribunal within the area or field given to it .
2 Occasionally , courts and tribunals take the view that a dismissal or resignation given in the heat of the moment can be withdrawn .
3 The order or weight given to one requirement over another will prejudice the solution .
4 ' How the Holy Spirit spoke at this time is unclear , but it seems reasonable to suppose that it was through a prophecy or exhortation given through another of the leaders .
5 Any legacy or benefit given by the will to a witness or to a witness 's wife or husband was formerly void , though the will as a whole was unaffected .
6 Thus s7(4) permits the court to take into account any statement in a welfare report or evidence given in respect of matters referred to in the report provided they are relevant to the question in hand .
7 Except when they are earned by the professor as the supervisor of graduate students , as an academic adviser under the regulations for Recognized Students , or ( subject to the approval of the faculty board or boards concerned and the General Board , including approval as to the length of time for which the permission shall be given ) in respect of tutorial teaching for up to four hours per week ( exceptionally up to six hours per week ) , any fees received for lectures or instruction given by the professor in the University shall be applied towards meeting the expenses of the department of which he is in charge or , if he is not in charge of the department , shall be paid to the Curators of the University Chest for the credit of the University General Fund .
8 ( 5 ) The turnover rent shall be determined by a qualified accountant ( acting as an expert ) and whose decision shall be final ( except so far as concerns matters of law ) to be appointed by the President for the time being of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales : ( a ) if the tenant fails to supply a certificate in accordance with paragraph 3 above ( in which case the landlord 's costs of the determination and the expert 's fee shall be borne by the tenant ) or ( b ) if there shall be any dispute between the parties as to the calculation of the turnover rent ( in which case the costs of the determination and the expert 's fee shall be borne as the expert directs ) ( 6 ) Until the determination of the turnover rent for any rental year the tenant shall continue to pay rent at the rate payable immediately before the beginning of the rental year in question and upon such determination there shall be due as arrears of rent or as the case may be refunded to the tenant the difference ( if any ) between the rent paid by the tenant for that year and the rent which ought to have been paid by him for that year plus ( if the turnover rent is determined by an expert ) such amount of interest as may be directed by the expert ( 7 ) If the turnover rent for any rental year falls below £ the landlord may by notice in writing served on the tenant not more than one month after the determination of the turnover rent for that year ( time not being of the essence ) require that there be substituted for the basic rent and the turnover rent for that year the amount for which the demised property might reasonably be expected to be let on the open market at the beginning of the year in question for a term equal to the residue of this lease then unexpired and on the same terms as this lease ( save as to rent but on the assumption that the rent may be revised every five years ) there being disregarded the matters set out in section 34 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 ( as amended ) and in default of agreement the said amount shall be determined by an independent surveyor ( acting as an expert not as an arbitrator ) to be appointed by the President for the time being of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors whose decision shall be final and whose fee shall be borne as he directs Example 4:5 Turnover rent for theatre or cinema based on box office receipts1 ( 1 ) In this schedule : ( a ) " box office receipts " means the gross amount of all moneys payable to the tenant or any group company on the sale of tickets for theatrical cinematic or other performances in the demised property or the right to stage productions or hold conferences or other events ( whether public or private ) in the demised property and any moneys payable on the sale of programmes souvenirs or similar items ; ( i ) treating any sale by credit card as having been a sale in consideration of the net amount recoverable by the tenant from the credit card company ( ii ) treating any amount which the tenant is entitled to receive by way of grant gift or sponsorship as part of the box office receipts and ( iii ) deducting any value added tax payable by the tenant to HM Customs and Excise ( b ) " bar receipts " means the gross amount of all moneys payable to the tenant or any group company for the supply of food and drink in the demised property : ( i ) treating any sale by credit card as having been a sale in consideration of the net amount recoverable by the tenant from the credit card company ( ii ) allowing the tenant a reduction of two per cent for wastage ( 2 ) The rent payable by the tenant shall be the aggregate of : ( a ) £ … per annum ( b ) 5 per cent of the first 60 per cent of the box office receipts for any year ( c ) 10 per cent of the remainder of the box office receipts ( d ) 7.5 per cent of the bar receipts payable annually in arrear on 31 December in each year ( 3 ) The tenant shall pay on account of the rent on 1 January 1 April 1 July and 1 October : ( a ) in the first year of the term £ … by four equal instalments ( b ) in the second and every subsequent year of the term payments at the rate of the rent payable for the last preceding year of the term by four equal instalments and as soon as possible after the end of the second and each subsequent year the amounts payable for that year under paragraph 2 above shall be agreed or otherwise determined and all necessary adjustments ( whether by way further payment by the tenant or credit given by the landlord ) shall be made ( 4 ) The tenant shall : ( a ) keep full and accurate books or records of account ( b ) permit the landlord ( or a person nominated by the landlord ) to inspect the books or records of account ( but not more often than once every three months ) and if so required to provide the books or records in a readily legible form ( 5 ) ( a ) at the end of each year of the term either the landlord or the tenant may require an audit of the tenant 's books and records by an independent auditor ( acting as an expert ) to be appointed ( in default of agreement ) by the President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales ( b ) the auditor shall certify the amount of the box office receipts and the bar receipts for the year in question and his certificate shall be binding on the parties ( except in so far as concerns matters of law ) ( c ) the auditor has power to determine how his costs and the costs of any representations to him shall be borne
9 There was nothing inevitable or god given about this unequal distribution , and it is that which produced the impersonal free labour market and the exploitation .
10 10.2 No representation is made or warranty given by the Landlord as to whether any Restrictions exist or as to the permitted use of the Site or the Premises for planning purposes
11 Kaunda went on to argue that the image or interpretation given by the press of a particular government coloured attitudes to it internationally :
12 But any thought or consideration given to working men was only part of a larger strategy of appealing to the public generally .
13 It is important also to remember that a post or pension given to a member could be a reward for past services as well as a means of securing future ones .
14 Judgment or order given in absence of party
15 There is no doubt that a bill or note given in consideration of what is supposed to be a debt is without consideration if it appears that there was a mistake in fact as to the existence of the debt ; Bell v. Gardiner ( 4 M. & Gr. 11 ) ; and , according to the cases of Southall v. Rigg and Forman v. Wright ( 11 C.B. 481 ) , the law is the same if the bill or note is given in consequence of a mistake of law as to the existence of a debt .
16 If , as I have tried to demonstrate , the problem of child abuse is itself one dimension or label given to the way problems between children and adults manifest themselves then this should be recognized in practice .
17 said : ‘ This court has on numerous occasions held that the effect of Ord. 29 , r. 1(5) of the County Court Rules 1981 is that the contemnor must be personally served with a properly drafted notice which recites in clear and unambiguous detail the following : ( 1 ) the order of the court or undertaking given to the court in respect of which he has been found in breach ; ( 2 ) the respects in which it is alleged that he has been in breach ; ( 3 ) the findings of the judge as to the alleged breaches ; ( 4 ) the period of committal to which he has been sentenced and ( 5 ) that he may apply to the court to purge his contempt and seek his release .
18 Indeed she argues that support given to kin was often at considerable cost to the giver in terms of time , energy and even money .
19 The faculty suggests that assistance given to ex-employees finding new employment should be tax free , and that the Revenue should have discretion to grant exemption certificates to building subcontractors where a company has become insolvent for bona fide reasons .
20 Although evidence given in earlier hearings had suggested that on at least one occasion Ministry of the Interior " reserve funds " had been used for GAL-related activities , the trial judges in their 170-page verdict concluded that the group had not been part of " the apparatus of the state " .
21 For this purpose it should be noted that contracts with a UK counterparty may be treated as entered into in the UK , depending on the facts , and the better view is that advice given to an investor in the UK should normally be treated as given in the UK .
22 In addition , the principle ‘ that relief given under the Poor Law should be sufficient for the purpose of relieving distress , but that the amount of relief so given should of necessity be calculated on a lower scale than the earnings of the independent workman ’ ( Ministry of Health , 1921 , p. 47 ) still stood .
23 It is essential that flyblown meat is not given as food and it is equally essential to ensure that food given to the young ferrets does n't subsequently become flyblown .
24 " … I would think it a sufficient detriment to the confider that information given in confidence is to be disclosed to persons whom he would prefer not to know of it , even though the disclosure would not be harmful to him in any positive way . "
25 However , the Commission believes that time given in this way pays enormous dividends for a body of volunteer , amateur musicians and for those leading it .
26 With the wide coverage and freedom given to pupils to develop their own individual lines of inquiry , the identification of a large an detailed collection of keywords was one of the major tasks at the design stage .
27 Everyone , however conditioned by family and society , still retains the dignity and freedom given by God , of exercising their own will and choosing good or evil .
28 Groups are capable of great creativity , as in language and folksong , and even in the stimulus and support given to individual writers and thinkers .
29 Since then , due to the stimulus and support given by the Centre to twentieth-century art , the setting up of regional funds for acquiring contemporary art , and the emergence of a new generation of museum curators , the landscape has completely changed .
30 Legends must suffer for all the gifts and luck and privilege given to them .
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