Example sentences of "[conj] [prep] a [noun] " in BNC.

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1 They serve either to show the effect , if any , of storage at elevated humidities on the container and/or as a measure of the barrier properties of the container .
2 Neurophysiological recording from the sites of cellular change should detect altered electrical responses from the neurons during and/or as a consequence of memory formation .
3 Further the third to fifth defendants were also knowingly concerned in investment transactions entered into by the first defendant with members of the U.K. investing public in the course of and/or as a result of the aforesaid contraventions of the Act by the first defendant in which the third to fifth defendants were knowingly concerned in the respects set out in paragraph 29 herein .
4 Also under examination is the feasibility of a 35 to 40 knot inshore lifeboat , launching from a slipway , davit or off a beach .
5 His family was one generation removed from peasants , and in close touch with the small village of Beni Moor near Assiut in Upper Egypt , where as a boy Nasser spent his holidays .
6 For they are presented as holding between structures , or between a structure and the class struggle , and it is so far only an article of faith to suppose that they can be refined to a point where one can identify a specific connection such as that between an aspect of the peasant class and a particular form of capitalist state .
7 The transfer of energy caused by a difference in temperature between a system and its surroundings or between a system and another system is called heat .
8 The little direct interchange which has occurred has been largely between compatible representatives of broadly similar organisations , e.g. Crofters ' and Farmers ' Unions , or between a variety of environmental and wildlife bodies , or among a number of local history societies .
9 Certain treaties have been entered into between States , or between a State and an international organisation , to give protected status to an identified group of people .
10 Their presence , either in medieval England or aboard a space rocket , situated them ideally as narrators ; to offer explanations of everything from the Battle of Hastings to nuclear propulsion .
11 But even more remarkable is the case of the Roman Republic , where for a century designs referring to the moneyers completely supplanted the symbols of the state ; the moneyers had the freedom to choose their own personal designs , such as family achievements or origins ( see fig. 15 ) .
12 And where for a moment a gap had shown between her boot-top and her heat-suit , a midnight vein swooped across the wall to form a bulge that thickened out towards the naked skin of her leg .
13 We should like to call the attention of your readers , if we may , to the Forms of Prayer to be Used at Sea in the Book of Common Prayer — still the standard authorised prayer book for the Church of England , which include prayers before or during a storm and thanksgiving for safety and deliverance , as well as the very beautiful collect which begins ‘ Prevent us , O Lord , in all our doings ’ , in which the word ‘ prevent ’ is used in its original sense of ‘ go before us ’ .
14 Selective means that you select those instruments which will give the maximum information for a certain performance , or during a change of performance .
15 The company this month recruited a computer and voice-recognition chips to mobilise workers when an emergency occurs at night or during a holiday .
16 always spread a and I I was listening to or or during a programme and it said er , we 're always told how firms are going down the shoot !
17 To state the relevant causal circumstance , would we not have to do what we can hardly hope to do , which is to enumerate parts of much of the whole state of the universe at or during a time ?
18 The relationship is initiated by an encounter when the object or being reveals itself as ‘ people ’ ( beri ) — a person with consciousness — in a dream , trance , or during a waking state in the jungle .
19 It is a sort of looking-glass land where through a veil of tears we see profound beauty .
20 It is in this last capacity that Hitler 's image as perceived by his loyal ‘ following ’ — functioning within the framework of ‘ charismatic politics ’ — played its crucial role , as not only the leaders of Party and State , but those in responsible intermediary positions — whether for ideological reasons or for a variety of careerist or other motives little related in essence to principled hatred of Jews — ‘ read ’ Hitler 's vaguely expressed ‘ intent ’ as a green light for radicalizing actions which developed their own dynamic and momentum .
21 I had to mention one thing then , that if my children came home for Christmas , or for a holiday , or for a little visit , we should all have to squeeze up .
22 Servants were people who worked for the government or for a company : in Kufra 68 per cent , in Ajdabiya 52 per cent of men were government servants , about one third of them conscripts .
23 A solicitor employed by a non-lawyer may not carry out professional work for any person other than his employer ( ie working directly with the employer 's clients is not permitted ) but may act for a company or other organisation controlled by the employer or over which the employer has substantial control or for a company in the same group as the employer or which controls the employer .
24 As far as local democracy was concerned , no evidence was clearly discernible either for an improvement or for a deterioration .
25 Government Departments can , however , under the Crown Proceedings Act 1947 , be sued for the recovery of property , for breach of an ordinary commercial contract , but not for that of a contract of service , a contract dependent upon a future grant of money by parliament , nor , it seems , one in which the Crown purports to fetter its own future executive action , or for a tort .
26 An advertising agency normally takes over a client 's advertising for a fee , or for a percentage of the amount of money the client spends on television time or space in newspapers , magazines or poster sites .
27 Or for tea or for a drink ?
28 And when the days of her purification are fulfilled , for a son or for a daughter , she shall bring a lamb of the fist year for a burnt offering , and a young pigeon or a turtledove , for a sin offering , unto the door of the tent of meeting , unto the priest .
29 Shortly stated , the section applies to transactions ‘ with another person ’ entered into by way of a gift , or in consideration of marriage or for a consideration significantly less in value than the consideration provided by the debtor : subsection ( 1 ) .
30 ‘ I 'll hang myself , ’ I used to mutter over and over again , or for a change I would stare at my shotgun and wonder at the sort of mess I could make of myself .
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