Example sentences of "[conj] [modal v] [verb] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 Each meeting ends with the moneymen all saying things like I 'm in or I want in on this or You got it or Let's do it .
2 that 's something else which you might find , a lot of the time in er literature about interaction with children , you might find that er where parents are asking their children to do something , like if they 're playing a game , you might find some You 'll find that mothers and fathers talk differently to sons and daughters er so you start off with a direct ac action like Put that one there , if they 're playing lego or something , straight prom Put that on there down to er Would n't it be a good idea to put that on there down to Could you put that on there or Let's put it on there .
3 We are a country which is very conscious indeed of history , or let's put it this way , of the past , and the job of the historian is to convert that interest in the past into something which is a little bit more critical , more profound , erm and which will genuinely , I think , provide you with some kind of perspective in which to understand the problems of the present .
4 ‘ Put your foot down or let's put our hands up . ’
5 An application is not necessarily unreasonable because it is inconvenient for the addressee of the application or causes him considerable work or may make him vulnerable to future claims , or is addressed to a person who is not an officer or employee of or contractor with the company in administration , but all of these will be among the factors relevant to be taken into consideration ( post , pp. 862H — 863A , 864C ) .
6 An application is not necessarily unreasonable because it is inconvenient for the addressee of the application or causes him a lot of work or may make him vulnerable to future claims , or is addressed to a person who is not an officer or employee of or a contractor with the company in administration , but all these will be relevant factors , together no doubt with many others .
7 The Tribunal may reserve its judgement or may give its decision after a retirement before the close of the meeting .
8 In return , the supplier agrees to , or may assign his obligations to , buy goods or technology of equivalent value , from the purchaser or the purchaser 's country or state .
9 Where the application is made to the district judge he may , if in doubt as to the proper order to be made , refer the application to the judge forthwith or at the next convenient opportunity , and the judge may hear the application and make such order as may be just or may refer it back to the district judge with directions .
10 If so , chances are you have a serious drinking problem , or may have one in the future .
11 The supervisor may also monitor the same information or may have his own separate displays or both .
12 ( 1 ) What market position should you adopt that makes sense to those who buy or may buy your services ? ( a ) Should you adopt a niche approach to certain aspects of personal injury work ( eg paraplegia , brain injuries , disaster litigation ) ? ( b ) Will plaintiff personal injury work preclude defendant or insurance defence work ?
13 Someone may grab your collar with both hands in order to head-butt you in the face , or may seize you by the hair to punch you .
14 No court can or should give him direction on such a matter .
15 No court can or should give him direction upon such a matter .
16 But all this did not yet add up to a widespread expectation in London that Anglo-American relations would or should retain their wartime intimacy .
17 It is also what your collection people , sales people , delivery people and the grapevine tell you or should tell you about your customers .
18 Sometimes this is no more than a description of what has to be done but sometimes it incorporates how the operator does it or should do it .
19 I do not believe that Scotland can or should avoid its international obligations , but I object to the fact that we are apparently being singled out as the one country that will be the nuclear laundry for everyone else .
20 So appraisal has , or should have nothing to do with what the tabloid press likes to call ‘ weeding out ’ .
21 The objection in one audacious form is that science has or should have nothing to do with causation .
22 One can agree that another has or should have a right , that is , believe that he has or should have it , or agree to give him a right .
23 Or , like the note from a sick friend sent to the about-to-be-murdered Mrs Abby Borden of Fall River , it might mean something or might mean nothing at all .
24 We will introduce rights for customers of all financial institutions , ensuring they are fully informed when changes are made which do or might affect them .
25 Held , allowing the application , that since section 7(5) of the Act of 1976 made provision for persons arrested for breaking bail conditions , or on the likelihood of their so doing , to be brought before a single justice , it was an enactment falling within the exception contemplated by section 121 of the Act of 1980 which , in any event , was limited to summary trials of informations and the hearing of complaints under the civil jurisdiction ; that Parliament had intended by section 7(4) to create a simple and expeditious procedure whereby a justice was required , before forming an opinion under section 7(5) , to conduct no more than an informal inquiry , hearing the arresting officer 's grounds for belief that the person had broken or might break his bail conditions and allowing that person to respond , but without the giving of evidence on oath or cross-examination ; and that , since the provisions of the Act of 1980 relating to the adjournment of proceedings before magistrates ' courts did not apply , there was no power in the justice to adjourn proceedings under section 7(5) ( post , pp. 24A , G — 25B , C–G , 26B , E–F , H — 27A , G–H ) .
26 doing things like that but I I I I believe quite strongly what Angela 's saying er , if you came to me and presented something ba ba , a total er , conviction that it might be in a sense damaging er the er the the the concept people have of your subject , or might have I would listen very carefully to that , and I also ta , I remember Gordon saying some time ago and whilst Gordon drove me crackers he talked about the government saying you 've got ta do this , you 've go and he said there are things that we must believe in as educationalists ourselves , and professionalists
27 Well , that raises the old question — or might raise it , if there was not an answer to it-of Lampleigh v. Brathwait ( above , p. 200 ) , a subject of great interest to every scientific lawyer , as to whether a past service will support a promise .
28 Grammar schools already had adequate facilities or could build them from scratch .
29 Researchers could measure densities and temperatures , or could infer them approximately , from Langmuir probes — small electrodes inserted into the plasma .
30 Consider , he says , that when we speak of the existence of a sensible thing we mean that we are perceiving it by various of our senses , or could perceive it were we suitably placed .
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