Example sentences of "[conj] [be] to [be] " in BNC.

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1 However , this does not mean that the kinds of plant foods we have mentioned are bad or are to be avoided .
2 The two trains planned for December have been cancelled and alternative dates have been , or are to be , offered .
3 Under section 25 of the Civil Jurisdiction and Judgments Act 1982 , the High Court has power to grant interim relief where proceedings have been or are to be commenced in another Contracting State to the Brussels Convention or in another part of the United Kingdom , or where there are or will be any other proceedings within the scope of the 1968 Convention even if that Convention does not directly apply .
4 proceedings have been or are to be commenced in a Contracting State other than the United Kingdom or in a part of the United Kingdom other than that in which the High Court in question exercises jurisdiction ; and
5 In possibly solving a problem in relation to stamp duty or SDRT the arrangement may throw up problems in other areas : ( 1 ) Section 89(4) of CA 1985 ( statutory pre-emption rights ) provides that the statutory pre-emption rights do not apply to a particular allotment of equity shares if these are , or are to be , wholly or partly paid up otherwise than in cash .
6 As far as the urban working class was concerned they may well have been better off in the fifteenth century than they had been previously or were to be later .
7 The standard method attributes to taxable ( both zero and positive-rated ) or exempt supplies , that input tax on goods and services which is used or is to be used exclusively in making such supplies ( Reg 30 ) .
8 for proceeding to or returning from any garage , auction room or other place at which vehicles are usually stored or usually or periodically offered for sale and at which the vehicle is to be or has been stored or is to be or has been offered for sale as the case may be ;
9 As Neil MacCormick has observed : ‘ It remains a contested issue whether an aspiration to justice is to be treated as essential to or definitive of the legal enterprise in all its manifestations , or is to be distinguished as a specially urgent demand issued in the name of critical morality . ’
10 Section 12(3) applies to a contract where it appears from the contract or is to be inferred from the circumstances that the parties intended that the seller should transfer only a limited title ( whether it be the limited title of the seller himself or of some third person from whom the seller would obtain it ) .
11 As for Egypt , I do not think that the hon. and learned Gentleman is seriously suggesting that it is about to launch an attack on Israel , or is to be feared in that connection .
12 I beg to move , That leave be given to bring in a Bill to provide for certain descriptions of shops in England and Wales to be open for trade on Sunday , subject to their being registered with the local authority ; to impose a general prohibition on the opening on Sunday of other shops , extending this prohibition to certain business premises which on week-days are open for the service of customers ; to provide protection for persons employed in or for the purposes of a shop which is , or is to be , registered for Sunday opening , where they have conscientious or other objections to working on Sunday ; to make consequential and other repeals in the Shops Act 1950 ; and for connected purposes .
13 FSA applies to a transaction which is or is to be entered into by a person as principal only if he is , effectively , a market maker
14 A default action is any action , other than an admiralty action or a rent action , in which the only relief claimed is payment of money , whether that sum is already ascertained ( eg a debt ) or is to be ascertained in due course by the court ( damages ) .
15 However , the firm and a qualifying intermediary can agree in writing that the intermediary 's client is not to be treated as an indirect customer ( and therefore not as a customer ) or is to be treated as an indirect customer in relation to only some of the firm 's obligations .
16 With regard to powders , as a general rule cocoa should be added to mixtures that are to be cooked and drinking chocolate to foods , such as butter creams and icings , that will not be heated .
17 The weaver works from a paper design which shows the full size , the pattern repeats , in the colours that are to be used .
18 I have established that the initial phase of training must be given with the stimuli that are to be relevant in the test phase .
19 Of her art she says , ‘ It mirrors the mental and physical challenges that are to be found in the timeless Mahabharata .
20 Daniel ( ’ Robinson Crusoe ’ ) Defoe , after reaching Saltash , which he found to be in a state of decay , and travelling to Liskeard , which was more to his taste , wrote , ‘ In the neighbourhood of these towns are many pleasant seats of the Cornish gentry … they are the most sociable , generous and to one another the kindest neighbours that are to be found ’ .
21 Oranges that are to be peeled and eaten should also be washed , because the fungicide is contained in a wax layer which comes off on the hands during peeling and then contaminates the fruit .
22 As a result , synthetic materials that are to be used in the eye need to have very special properties .
23 Consideration of the properties of biological environments that are to be interfaced with synthetic polymers is very important .
24 But what about the other toys that are to be found in the classroom ?
25 I tie my string muzzles to those ferrets that are to be worked loose down the burrows and whose main function is to bolt the rabbits from underground .
26 It is a knitting system that should be considered as temporary storage area for patterns that are to be knitted at this time .
27 The Accounting Standards Board has issued new proposals for the accounting treatment of securitisation and other similar forms of non-recourse finance that are to be repaid from the asset they finance .
28 FRED 1 did not address the making of provisions in respect of operations that are to be discontinued in future periods .
29 So , you must either plan the flowers that are to be pressed in advance , or check that the flowers already used are suitable .
30 In order to assess the children 's lighting needs , teachers must look at the tasks that are to be performed , such as moving around , close and distance work , and see how each child performs in different lighting conditions , then adapt accordingly .
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