Example sentences of "[conj] [be] hold to " in BNC.

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1 There was a much-told tale of her Australian infancy that was held to be prophetic in this respect — about how at the age of three she had , by the sheer force of her will , compelled her uncle Walter ( who was taking her for a walk to the local shops at the time ) to put all the money he had on his person into a charity collecting-box in the shape of a plaster-of-Paris boy cripple ; as a result of which the uncle , too embarrassed to admit to this folly and borrow from his relatives , had run out of petrol on the way back to his sheep station .
2 General von Laffert , the German commander on the spot , had ordered that both villages ‘ must be defended to the utmost and be held to the last man , even if the enemy cuts the connections on both sides and also threatens them from the rear . ’
3 The defendants had repaired the wheel shortly before the accident and were held to be manufacturers .
4 They have failed to score in their last three matches , all at home , losing two in the League and being held to a 0-0 draw in the Cup .
5 Rodrigo was yet but a youth , and the Count was a mighty man in arms , one who gave his voice first in the Cortes , and was held to be the best in the war , and so powerful that he had a thousand friends among the mountains .
6 As it was too large to be put on a lorry to be moved from site to site it had to travel on roads under its own power and was held to be intended to be used on roads .
7 In Yuill v Wilson [ 1979 ] STC 486 ( CA ) ; [ 1980 ] STC 460 ( HL ) , the UK resident taxpayer provided two overseas companies , with which he was connected , with the opportunity of realising a gain and was held to be assessable on the gain .
8 The price was high in relation to orthodox equipment but was held to be justified by patient throughput .
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