Example sentences of "[conj] [pron] [adv] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 and I moved it over to that corner there , where nothing else grows
2 ‘ It 's the kind of place that no one ever hears of , where nothing ever happens .
3 This is the state of affairs at a normal sports centre , where everyone else seems to be skilled and athletic and you too embarrassed to start .
4 Accordingly , accompanied by Emil and a few of the others , I carried my bags to the coffee shop where everyone immediately ordered huge carrot cakes , the speciality of the house , as if they were in fear of famine .
5 They had dinner at a superb restaurant , bustling with the rich and famous , where everyone covertly glanced at everyone else , slyly assessing outfits and hairdos .
6 This was the plan I laid down , and the first time I had occasion to try it in practice was the Summer before the last [ 1774 ] & I then did it in the case of a Lady and in the hottest weather : the next Body I tried these experiments upon was Jan y .
7 [ 4.2 If by the Certificate Date the parties have been unable to agree whether any requirement of the Landlord made pursuant to clause 4.1 is reasonable the matter or matters in dispute shall be referred to a counsel to be agreed upon between the parties or failing agreement within [ 5 ] working days after the Certificate Date to one of the conveyancing counsel for the time being of the Chancery Division of the High Court of Justice [ " Counsel " ] to be nominated on the application of either party by the President for the time being of the Law Society ( or his duly appointed deputy or any other person authorised by him to make appointments on his behalf ) and Counsel shall :
8 Medical student , James Colthurst , liked to regale the slumbering throng with unwelcome early morning renditions of Martin Luther King 's famous ‘ I had a dream ’ speech or his equally unamusing Mussolini impersonation .
9 Remember that you can not be sure whether you or someone else has the virus just by guessing or by appearances .
10 And this is why as I ca n't remember if we mentioned it now , maybe did , maybe or someone else did , that the ego carries out repression very often at the demand of the superego , so the superego has its standards , its barriers , its sense of conscience , its threat of guilt , and the ego , to satisfy those demands , to avoid guilt , carries out repression at its , at its command , or at its insistence .
11 He considered going to the House , or Whitehall , looking for Morton or someone else he-knew .
12 and someone , I do n't know whether it 's the director , or someone actually says this play is , is the half hour , quarter of an hour , chat say , this is what the play 's about
13 It 's not as if I could tell you much , anyway , seeing I never met her . ’
14 I was trying to sit where I normally sit .
15 Then I go to Wendling 's , where I again compose a little until half past one , when we have lunch .
16 All that remained of the abbey was a very large and rather ugly abbey church and the old abbey gateway building , which was now part of St. Albans school , where I later went .
17 Nor were there any colourful bazaars , though there was a market where I later bought fruit , vegetables , eggs and three small glasses , the sort from which Algerians drink their coffee .
18 where I usually go so
19 Shortly afterwards we returned to English prep schools , where I quickly had my French beaten out of me in French grammar classes , and where Lorne responded by continuing to be unable to talk or , rather , to speak in any known language , for he would hold forth volubly in a tongue uniquely his own .
20 There was also a stage where I deeply resented the foetus , although now I think I have killed this feeling .
21 One leads up an unfrequented glen occupied by wild goats and skirts the northern flank of Beinn Fhada to arrive at a rough bealach or col , where I once shivered for two hours waiting for the mist to lift off Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan ahead , which it did not .
22 I 'll never forget the cellar of a little pub where I once stood for 10 agonizing minutes — ( it seemed like a century ) — with three of my friends , facing four of the meanest-looking characters I had ever met .
23 One day , after a particularly good school report , Father took me for a walk past a second-hand bookstore where I often browsed enviously .
24 During the warm weather I take the opportunity to sit in my garden where I often do my sewing up .
25 Had we put in the stop where I originally proposed we would run the risk of pedestrians stumbling on the ‘ step ’ .
26 Says train-mad Waterman : ‘ I was desperate to buy it because it was made in Newton Le Willows , where I now live .
27 Obviously , where I actually went wrong on the
28 Next came a stomach-churning visit to the Snake Temple , where I actually held a snake very briefly , but drew the line at having it photographed around my neck !
29 The Grant Hall Hotel was next door to Zion United Church where I still spent many weekday evenings in boys ' work , and it was now handy to finish at the church and then cross over to the radio station for the late night shift .
30 ‘ There was a little bit from IRS where I still had connections .
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