Example sentences of "[conj] [pron] [verb] you " in BNC.

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1 I said , Oh do n't bother I always I always get people ringing up saying so and so 's mother or father says or someone says you 've been teaching them and can you take me or can you take my son or daughter and it always works like that .
2 The county bird club will probably produce an annual report — ask at the library or contact the RSPB regional office — and that will help you to find out where to go to see birds , which is one of the most difficult things to discover without something or someone to point you , literally , in the right direction .
3 Where I think you are , where you get into problems with that , are things like , assertiveness training , negotiating , Well assertiveness training is that a competence based thing or not ?
4 where I presume you would just wan na hand that out to some guy and say get on with it .
5 And now , Ian Wharton , now that you are no longer the subject of this cautionary tale , merely its object , now that you are just another unproductive atom staring out from the windows of a branded monad , now that I 've got you where I want you , let the wild rumpus begin .
6 I 've got you where I want you . ’
7 A few weeks ago we were fortunate enough to meet in a public house where I bought you half a dozen pints and we engaged in a long and fascinating conversation .
8 That , that 's open to the general public but where I stand you have to have a membership card to go in there now , and er you pay two pound before the season started and er local traders give you a discount and things erm it 's just one way of er segregating the supporters if you like , but there does n't seem to be so much trouble since they 've done this , but at the same time there does n't seem to be as much atmosphere
9 So , erm you might not get on to number four , if you do , or I tell you to start , can you think of two or three images to add to it which would , which would fit in with the others .
10 Or I know you 've recently received some information , that 's good .
11 or I 've you know run two words in together or something .
12 ‘ You tell me who sent the message , or I hurt you till you do .
13 Oh customers or I thought you said gostermers
14 Erm or I mean you know for advice about what they could do about D H S S.
15 In fact I mean you can buy or I mean you 've got the record of erm how far back , you could invite all the existing , living parish councillors , so far as we could , and , and that , that would be , I think that would be fascinating .
16 The job analysts within E L T , are Neil Butterfield , John Dennis , Anne and Claire Nichol , and they are , in fact , if you like , a sort of second or I mean you can go to them to get advice about how to fill in the job description rather than go to your manager , or if if if you have some dispute or disagreement or whatever the job analysts can can can help in that .
17 'Cause when you hurt yourself or I touch you you go crying to mummy saying that daddy 's hurt you do n't you ?
18 Open it quickly , or I warn you I shall burst ! ’
19 Things we think you might be interested or I think you might be interested in talking about this morning .
20 Where someone compliments you ( ‘ Well done . ’
21 When you receive his report , read it carefully and then ring him and ask him to explain more fully any matters which are not clear or which worry you .
22 Nothing is more infuriating than , six weeks later , taking out some really beautiful specimens from the press and not being able to remember which friend 's garden or which field you found them in .
23 Make a list of any activities which make you buzz with energy , which absorb you so much that time dissolves , or which give you a sense of inner peace and satisfaction .
24 Where she left you . ’
25 She 's got you where she wants you , you silly cunt , he thought , watching as Carol slipped one hand onto Plummer 's thigh , stroking gently as he ate .
26 Rent a nice little flat somewhere where you know exactly what your outgoings are — where you know you 're not responsible for anything .
27 well you do n't have to go where you give you one
28 You may have reached a stage where you feel you have ‘ got over ’ the original cause of your sorrow and even find yourself able to talk calmly about it to others .
29 Make notes on those areas where you feel you need guidance and help , and resolve to seek out that help as soon as possible .
30 There are rooms where you feel you should duck to avoid the sudden dip in the ceiling .
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