Example sentences of "[conj] [pron] [verb] [conj] " in BNC.

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1 It makes me think of going there too , getting away from this cesspit where nothing changes and finding dollars in America . ’
2 The old pattern of family life , where everyone existed and acted under the family umbrella , is fast disappearing .
3 At the ‘ 19th ’ all prizes were presented by Captain , Danny Sproull where everyone agreed that it had been an enjoyable outing .
4 But Gentlemen for your deliberations to be useful they must be free — your opinions must not be shackled by authorities ; & I know that were I present your candor and delicacy towards me would be such , as to prevent that freedom of discussion and investigation , which is absolutely necessary to obtain a knowledge of facts .
5 Or someone dies and is it . ’
6 We sat on our stools and I smiled at him , thinking he was going to ask me about my dress or where I lived or something , and he said , ‘ Who 's your favourite philosopher ? ’
7 Mallards , coots and moorhens could often be seen and heard waddling about the housing estate where I lived or sometimes even boldly marching up the high street .
8 Where I lived and that ?
9 On the minus side , they knew what I looked like , where I lived and what I drove .
10 Only after 1 February can I go more or less where I please and then there is a need to work quite quickly since the ferreting season ends in April when the fast-growing vegetation and the increasing arrival of litters of young rabbits make it impractical to continue .
11 I used to go along to Greenbank Hospital 's geriatric wards , where I sang and played to the old folk .
12 In the end I decided it did n't matter much where I went as long as it was up .
13 ‘ I once gave a speech where I said that most of recorded music was like stuffed birds in a cage , that do n't sing .
14 What is more , the journey via New York and Los Angeles included a first leg of the marathon journey on a British Airways Concorde , where I enjoyed that extraordinary experience of arriving in Manhattan — thanks to the five hours time difference — more than an hour before the 10.30 am departure time from Heathrow .
15 FALL-OUT at Credit Lyonnais Laing , where I hear that 12 staff from UK research , equity sales , dealing and settlements were bid farewell a week ago .
16 It 's quiet where I live but they 're , they 're nosy .
17 There 's a junkshop near where I live that sells TVs , videos , air rifles , fishing rods , car radios , outdated hi-fis , cheap guitars and all the general paraphernalia of unfortunate people 's overdrawn lives .
18 There are various likely barns near where I live where she might seek shelter , and I 've always managed to lure her back with food .
19 You may think Loxford light years behind Woodborough , but it is my patch , where I live and work , however anachronistic .
20 So it was indeed a classic nightmare where I dreamt that I was the only person searching for the child , and the only person who saw that this vast Argosy was down near the coastline , and I landed in a most difficult position near the aircraft and found nobody else about .
21 I went along to the dining car where I found that Zak had already positioned some of the actors at the tables for the cocktail-hour double-length scene .
22 I read through my brother 's Readers Digest , where I learned that Stalin was a bad name .
23 Following the path with my thoughts wallowing in nostalgia , I soon found myself back where I started and crashing into the people I had heard through the mist .
24 But I am determined to fight back , and where I think that they 've gone over the top , I 'll take them to court .
25 Her battered , motley-panelled 2CV had looked out of place in Ascot Square , where I think that anything less than a two-year old Golf GTi , Peugeot 209 or Renault 5 was considered to be only just above banger status , even as a third car , let alone a second .
26 I made my way to an hotel lounge in the Diamond , where I sat and read a leaflet I had picked up in the church .
27 We parked near the boathouse on the west shore , a ruined , mud-filled RAF building , where I pushed and heaved my three companions afloat , waving a cheerful farewell .
28 I see myself as one of these animals , and I await with resignation but with confidence the moment when either I live out my life as providence decrees or I die as prescribed , convinced that I shall thus be useful in two ways , first to France and then to humanity .
29 And that 's when I felt that I wished I had of went for a career in the trade union or I felt that had I done that , I would have been satisfying something that was there .
30 and therefore if you 're gon na er introduce this radical land reform straight away , I mean say there is no landlord but there 's a peasant , or I mean unless the Party 's ac completely active
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