Example sentences of "[conj] [pron] [verb] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 It was an appealing idea because it at least seemed to offer some sort of progression to the work at a time when there was little or nothing written about coherent development in drama .
2 I du n no if they got nests or nothing to go to at night , but sat there under that bush all huddled up , they look froze to death .
3 ‘ . All quite true of course , but it has little or nothing to do with the passage in question , whoch focuses very markedly not on Aeneas but on his father Anchises :
4 But electoral blocs had little or nothing to do with divergencies of opinions .
5 In Uruguay the first journal was called Ferrocarril ( ‘ Railway ’ ) , although its content had little or nothing to do with railways .
6 The body of work arising from Eugene Garfield 's pioneering efforts in launching his Science Citation Index during the early 1960s has little or nothing to do with evaluation by paper scores ( or their logs ) .
7 One of the oddities , though , is when C and M slip across a piece that has little or nothing to do with the high-tech graphics which preface their speciality corner .
8 He found that the proportion of over-70s registered for a proxy/postal vote varied from 0.7 per cent to 25 per cent in different parts of the country ; this variation has little or nothing to do with geographical or demographic factors .
9 However , the term ‘ disease ’ is slightly unfortunate in this context because it conjures up notions of a ‘ cause ’ that has little or nothing to do with the natural state of the organism but which is imposed on it , having a discontinuous effect ; as , for example , in infectious diseases .
10 It seems to imply , for one thing , that if someone has very strong preferences about what happens beyond his own person he thereby renders it important that certain things be done or left undone which have little or nothing to do with his personal life .
11 But more often than not these decisions are made for reasons which have little or nothing to do with creativity .
12 In the liberal view the attraction exerted over them by extremist doctrines had little or nothing to do with the social composition of the radicals .
13 First , it is evident that the broad public interest criteria which are identified in the Fair Trading Act 1973 and the Competition Act 1980 , and the existence of the ‘ gateways ’ in the Restrictive Trades Practices Act 1976 , potentially ( and in practice ) permit issues to be considered that either have little or nothing to do with economic efficiency , or are more properly the concern of other areas of policy .
14 Any full study of ‘ unfair competition ’ would have to take account of the legislation protecting intangible business property like trade marks and patents , and of the statutory controls over restrictive trading agreements and monopolies , which have little or nothing to do with anything resembling the law of tort .
15 Consensus could not be guaranteed where particular groups had had little or nothing to do with a particular policy .
16 More often , however , the term was reserved for Delaunay and his disciples , Bruce , Frost , Sonia Delaunay and Alice Bailly , and for painters such as Picabia , Kupka and Duchamp who had all been originally classified as Cubists but whose work was becoming more abstract , although it had little or nothing to do with that of Delaunay .
17 But does this apparent wide-scale support for examinations disguise another motive , that has little or nothing to do with either the practicality or desirability of examining children 's work in these subjects ?
18 Their responsibilities often included areas which had little or nothing to do with foreign policy .
19 You will find , too , that much of the invented music which is wrapped around the perceived nakedness of those song-melodies uses textures and harmonic colours that have little or nothing to do with real medieval polyphony .
20 Just as the young Federman arrives in America and will embark on a new series of experiences , so Double Or Nothing speculates about the possible shapes it might take .
21 Despite its general popularity amongst teachers in schools where the Solihull booklet had been used , the evidence from the survey is that little or nothing changed in consequence .
22 Now there is little or nothing left of that theology among Church leaders , it being mainly the prerogative of evangelical back benchers .
23 This element is lacking in another group of cases , where nothing turns on any prior act of the potential defendant but rather on the delivery of the document to the official of the forum state or its publication at some prescribed place .
24 The stories read as distillations of the life or experience of ordinary people ( working people , lower-middle-class and also the ‘ emarginated ’ , the young , the unemployed , the old ) plucked from a grey background where nothing appears to be going on .
25 There 's a massive field in Stanley Park where everyone parks for Everton and Liverpool games .
26 Oh to get away so I could exhaust myself with intense experiences , where everyone spoke of intense subjects and never said " pass the bread and butter . "
27 Seeing everyone engaged in their own private confessionals , she sipped her drink with renewed confidence .
28 As usual , the ‘ antiques ’ in the kitchen were things Bob & I used as children .
29 In theory the first step in the procedure is a formal application for payment of arrears by either the landlord or someone acting as an agent .
30 ‘ That — or someone tampering with the sample . ’
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