Example sentences of "[conj] [verb] at [art] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ … the innocent party is not bound to go on the market and buy or sell at the date of the breach .
2 Now the trick of course is to buy at the cheapest price or sell at the most expensive .
3 Fair-haired Jews from Moscow and Leningrad mingled with olive-skinned Georgians to read the Cyrillic slogans welcoming them and then sank down in rows of plastic chairs or gazed at the panoramic photograph of Jerusalem covering an entire wall .
4 A student having completed Music Making : Solo 1 may proceed to Solo 2 or remain at the same level , provided that the study employs different techniques : for example , voice and keyboard ; guitar and bass guitar ; violin and sitar .
5 However , when the risk-free asset is introduced to this situation investors will all either borrow or lend at the risk-free rate .
6 This is because , at appropriately applied voltages , many organic compounds are reduced or oxidised at the electrode surface , thus producing a current .
7 It takes effort on the part of the parent but can sometimes help them see that their child is eating more than they thought or eating at the wrong times of day .
8 But Llewellyn denied his players had grabbed testicles or spat at the world champions .
9 This degree of knowledge will not guarantee immunity from mistakes or deceit at the hands of unscrupulous dealers , but it will help to combat the more obvious attempts at misinformation — far more likely than outright deception — and assist in assessing the integrity of any dealer or expert whom one may need to rely on for advice .
10 Even the research listed by the ‘ independent ’ Police Foundation or undertaken at the University Centres for Criminological Research ( and largely dependent on government grants and funding by such bodies as the Economic and Social Research Council ) often comes up against the anti — intellectual bias which permeates all levels in police thinking ( Lewis 1976 ) .
11 The tentacle scales may be distinct from the oral papillae being either separated by a gap or placed at a higher level as viewed from the ventral side as in the genera Ophiotoma and Ophioblenn .
12 A firm that acts as an investment manager for a customer must send a report at suitable intervals stating the value of the portfolio or account at the beginning and end of the period , its composition at the end and , in the case of a discretionary portfolio or account , changes in its composition between those dates .
13 Encourage the patient to do the types of activities recommended for him , and try to prevent him from sitting idly , or gazing at the television .
14 Continuing on the subject of getting involved , the committee are always delighted to hear from anyone wishing to help in any way ( half an hour once a year on a stall or helping at an open coffee morning would be tremendous ) .
15 Trent could n't see whether the track ran on to the quarry or stopped at the cabin .
16 Brian , a cabbie for 25 years , could now face having his licence suspended or withdrawn at a tribunal .
17 The ‘ Effective Intervention ’ document says : ’ Parents should be informed or consulted at every stage of an investigation .
18 There was nothing in the cast of her features to suggest that she had been alarmed or frightened at the moment of her death .
19 Alternatively , visit the shop and café-filled Europa Centre , go to the lovely Tiergarten or hoot at the chimps in one of Europe 's most famous zoos .
20 I have no desire to smear or jeer at the Opposition and the fact that they have now declared themselves fully in support of the Community , because that is a matter of intense pleasure to me .
21 ‘ And I could n't see , so we could n't do any more the things we used to — just little things , like watching the sunset , or laughing at a holopic when we turned out the lights in bed , or me reading a poem to her .
22 In patients with oesophagitis Grade 0 , I , and II , this mucosal junction is very close or located at the proximal limit of the lower oesophageal sphincter .
23 A politician , however eminent or popular , who lacks that base will not reach or survive at the top .
24 The Hungarian Foreign Minister , Mr Gyula Horn , broke his country 's silence on the crisis to say that several hundred people had been killed or wounded at the weekend .
25 Lives have been ruined because people have read the wrong books or looked at the wrong pictures .
26 When you have finished with the artwork , it can be stored in a stiff envelope or a file , along with the component layout diagram , so that it can be modified or re-used at a later date .
27 A practical use is to give warning , if someone enters the room a few hand claps or knock at the door may alert you to their presence ; the shock of someone approaching you silently is avoided .
28 Then , where δ is the fraction so that the Goldbach–Rehage formula above becomes or This can be written in terms of , the relaxation time at the glass temperature , since where is a shift factor and Hence or , if the material is being heated or cooled at a rate we have where is the decrement of the expansion coefficient of the glass and , as before .
29 He buried himself in work , while she filled every hour of the day playing tennis or golf at the Royal Club , or discoing at the Key or the Cheminée with a group of friends .
30 For ‘ Paris ’ add Prague , London , Venice , anywhere beautiful and foreign and not of the everyday , and for ‘ young man ’ insert ‘ or middle aged woman ’ and for ‘ lived ’ and ‘ or visited at a time in your life when you most needed it . ’
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