Example sentences of "[conj] [verb] [art] same " in BNC.

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1 Each time the Collective Ghost clutches at someone they must make a successful WP test or suffer the same effect ; if they are already suffering from despair , the effect lasts an extra D10 turns .
2 And whether the Oare now gotten is like to prove richer or leaner than now it is , or to continue the same state of goodness that now it is in …
3 moved and seconded must be accepted by the Chairman , unless it is frivolous or illegal , or covers the same ground as a motion on which a decision has already been taken in the same meeting .
4 Assume the dividend and divisor are integral , in two 's complement representation , For definiteness , assume that the remainder is zero or has the same sign as the dividend ( see Stein and Munro 1971 , Chapter 6 for more details ) .
5 If Midland Life is required to make any payment under the Policyholders ' Protection Act 1975 ( or any enactment amending or replacing the same or of a similar nature ) or if there is any change in the law or Inland Revenue practice affecting a Guaranteed Capital Bond the benefits provided by such a Bond may be varied by Midland Life in such manner as the Midland Life Actuary considers appropriate .
6 When I see these Islands in sight of each other , & possessed of but a scanty stock of animals , tenanted by these birds , but slightly differing in structure & filling the same place in Nature , I must suspect they are only varieties .
7 Imagine that you have been studying for 20 years for a qualification that will change your life , or waiting the same length of time to hear about a job you have applied for , the only job you have ever really wanted .
8 Piecing together a catalogue of recurring laments neither answers nor dismisses the still pertinent question : are things really getting worse , getting better , or remaining the same ?
9 Faced with the same situation , not all scientists will reach the same decision or adopt the same strategy .
10 Further , the table reveals 10 subjects where the university jobless rate ( this time including short-term employment ) has risen or stayed the same while the poly rate has fallen .
11 The survey showed also that the majority , 92 per cent. , felt that the service had improved or stayed the same .
12 You can not counterfeit forty years ' honest work , or get the same result by being a clever young man who prefers vanilla to orange or heliotrope to lavender perfume .
13 With the decline of these markets , the company has been forced to look elsewhere or face the same fate as IBM .
14 You need to interpret your list of daily weights in order to see if , over a month or so , it is going up , down or staying the same .
15 All the authorities have twenty eight days to appeal that could result in the final cap being higher , lower or staying the same .
16 constitute a demonstration that an aversive CS will interfere with further ( appetitive ) conditioning , whether the context is changed or stays the same .
17 may well , well what was the company 's policy , to update in the sales period or to use the same brochure ?
18 Combine the processes , or perm the same tresses more than once , and the result can be hair that 's dry , brittle and plagued by split ends .
19 This common bond can be based on living in the same area , or working in the same factory , or attending the same church , or being members of the same club .
20 There are , the article reveals , scientists who pad a reference list of their publications by publishing almost the same material in several journals , altering the title a bit , dropping a paragraph or adding one , or doing the same with a table or graph .
21 Chambers and Trudgill ( 1980 : 90 ) note that it is ‘ not possible to set up done as any kind of linguistic variable , since it is not a form which is involved in alternation with other forms that could be considered to be ‘ equivalent ways of doing or saying the same thing ’ ' .
22 Particularly , the notion of ‘ equivalent ways of doing or saying the same thing ’ to which Weiner and Labov obliquely refer ( see above ) is much less straightforward than it seems .
23 Because syntax is embedded in discourse , entirely different forms might have similar functions ( i.e. be used as equivalent ways of doing or saying the same thing ) ; for this reason it is sometimes difficult to specify a principled way of knowing where to stop counting particular forms as variants of a variable .
24 This may be said to constitute evidence that the speaker views [ SVQ ] and [ QSV ] as ‘ equivalent ways of doing or saying the same thing ’ .
25 No one else in the world has had your experience of life , sees the world through your eyes or treads the same path through life ‘ towards the light of your particular guiding star ’ ( this is described in a rather dull way as ‘ motivation ’ ) .
26 or living next door , or learning the same trade ?
27 This does not mean that we all display the same feelings about God or become the same temperamental type .
28 Many thought it would get worse ( 36% ) or stay the same ( 39% ) .
29 Walter Brennan never gargled with methylated spirits , or wore the same ragged T-shirts for months on end , or slept in a cardboard cocoon in a condemned house , or bothered young women on the subway .
30 The trustee ill bankruptcy can sell the goodwill of a business and its trade so as to exclude the bankrupt , when discharged , from commencing a similar business under the same name , or issuing the same or similar trade mark : Melrose-Drover v. Heddle ( 1901 ) 4 F. 1120 .
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