Example sentences of "[adv] it is for " in BNC.

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1 Perhaps it is for that reason that Britain will find greater interest in discussing the problems of the former Soviet Union and in establishing the rouble stabilisation fund — even though it will mean us pledging about $600m to help keep the Reds out of the red .
2 Perhaps it is for this reason that , in Braudel 's work at least , it is much more generously defined to include various stable but non-material factors .
3 The future should always be a volatile mixture of trepidation and excitement and so it is for The Wedding Present .
4 erm He says , ‘ Just as what we think good , what we should like , has no bearing on whatever on what is , so it is for us to determine the good life .
5 Thus it is for the trader to resolve ambiguities in his price indications .
6 Now it is for us to determine whether a corporation can bring such an action , and I must say that , to my mind , to allow such a thing would be wholly unprecedented and contrary to principle .
7 No ; now it is for me to speak and you to listen . ’
8 ‘ But now it is for me , the analyst , to take over .
9 Now it is for real and , though the race will be staged on a parkland road rather than a track , Foster believes it has considerable significance for the rest of Cram 's summer .
10 Now it is for these reasons all of these different views and these conflicting opinions coming from authoritative sources and the concern the locals have that this issue has been ramrodded through on a political ticket is is is the very reason why it should go to an inspector appointed by the Secretary of State at least some semblance of independence and that issues brought out in in full public consideration .
11 This right does not arise under the SGA where the contract provides for delivery in more than one consignment , since there has been no breach in respect of goods not yet delivered , however reasonable it is for the buyer to fear that there will be in the future .
12 Well it is for you .
13 Well it is for us because we 've always been saying it .
14 Well it is for them !
15 Well it is for them .
16 Well it is for me .
17 Rather it is for them a process of , existence that has to be daily achieved by individuals through work , that is through the individual mastery over emotions and the skills of wizardry .
18 The legislation does therefore not set up any presumption in the employee 's favour ; rather it is for him as claimant to lead evidence which tends to establish that it is more likely than not the employer gained from possession of the patent .
19 There is not a case , however , for spreading central funding between universities more evenly ; rather it is for judging all UK universities more broadly on the excellence of both their science and their technology bases .
20 And those beetles of yours — the ones that could n't get home because the sheet was moving almost as fast as they could walk — that must be how it is for light moving through our space .
21 ‘ I 'm just telling you how it is for a struggling garden designer , that 's all . ’
22 How it is for me
23 Fabia was staring at him , struck dumb , when suddenly he let go one of her arms , placed an arm about her shoulders and , looking deeply into her eyes , said throatily ‘ My dear , dear , Fabia , can not you see how it is for me ? ’
24 Maybe it is for myself I mind , rather than for him ! 'T IS not so much that Richard is bound for sanctuary — as that I am denied such privilege .
25 If she was , then it is for her God to judge her personal action — and for the historian to wonder whether this was not one of the most sensible political decisions she ever made .
26 But if we start from the conception of the rational man who disciplines his spontaneity by an awareness independent of viewpoint , then it is for the egoist to explain why he claims priority for responses from his own viewpoint .
27 It is often said that alcohol is ‘ the only little pleasure that old people have ’ , which may be true to an extent , but if drinking becomes a problem then it is for the individuals to decide how much of a pleasure drinking is , and whether they want help to stop .
28 If immunity [ of an arbitrator or quasi-arbitrator ] is claimed then it is for the person claiming it to shew that the functions in the performance of which he was negligent were sufficiently judicial in character .
29 Lot number forty five is the scribe scribe 's set , there it is for three hundred pounds , at three hundred , three twenty , three fifty , three eighty , four hundred , four twenty , four fifty four eighty offered I 'm offered four eighty to my left , five hundred seated , five fifty six hundred six fifty going to you sitting six hundred and fifty , going on ?
30 Lot number fifty six Lot fifty six , the copper bowl , the Timurid copper bowl , there it is for three hundred pounds at three hundred pounds at three hundred pounds , any more at three hundred pounds , all done ?
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