Example sentences of "[pron] 'll [verb] [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 Because I 've done some red I 'll do green .
2 I 'll do afternoon surgery , so why do n't you take a few hours off ?
3 Sometimes I think I 'll do City and Guilds by evening class .
4 I 'll do microscopy where necessary , of course , but this is all consistent with our blunt instrument . ’
5 I 'll do business studies at night school .
6 I 'll do business how I like , with whom I like , and when I like , and I do n't need your focking permission to do it , Nicholas Breakspear .
7 she goes I 'll do porno 's
8 You try to separate me from her in any way and I 'll do murder .
9 What I 'll do darling is that all the tiles will come through about there
10 If not , I 'll do production instead , ’ she says .
11 Yeah well we 've got set jobs but I mean like we 'll say look I 'll do post for you today if you do it for me like whenever
12 I 'll do morning surgery .
13 Yeah , I 'll do Face .
14 I 'll cook curry or lasagne but I never knew , I never knew the recipes I just sort of stuff and think that goes together well
15 It 's still better than buying another ticket now you 're here — I 'll cook supper — and tomorrow you can look at the rest of the Archive .
16 I 'll wire HQ to open up phase two . ’
18 ‘ I 'll tell you one thing , Rod , ’ he said , ‘ and I 'll bet money on it .
19 ‘ Personally , ’ he said , ‘ I support the Labour party but the armed forces are sworn to uphold the government of the day , so I 'll vote Conservative , of course . ’
20 I 'll ship Crevecoeur back myself if necessary .
21 I 'll leave dad 's until he comes home from the doctors !
22 I 'll leave dad 's card you .
23 ‘ O.K. I 'll leave word . ’
24 ‘ And if not , I 'll leave Strike Force Three and join you here . ’
25 Now it 's music first and I 'll leave politics to others . ’
26 I 'll check mine myself .
27 I 'll eat breakfast dinner and tea and supper .
28 Maybe I 'll abandon cookery lessons if she 's not back in time .
29 Johnson said no , I 'm gon na write these plays , I 'm gon na earn money for them , and then I 'm gon na publish them , I 'll earn money from the publication .
30 I 'll start roadwork again next week . ’
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