Example sentences of "[pron] 've [adv] been " in BNC.

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1 ‘ But I 've been doing this job for so many years , I 've probably been playing the odds too long . ’
2 I 've probably been out playing and you 've probably been at the shops .
3 I 've probably been in all the shops down there but I , I do n't know what the name is .
4 ‘ I mean I 'd really like to , but I 've already been shouldered out of the Nativity play .
5 And I 've already been offered a job as buyer for a group of chain stores which have each got a radio department .
6 Part of the problem is that I 've already been through all this pregnancy stuff with Wife Number One .
7 I 've already been in touch with the Secretary-General .
8 It 's like , I 've already been asked , and I 've refused , and I want to know why is it people put so much pressure on you to get married ?
9 I 've already been out among the galaxies . ’
10 I 've already been to Colin , placed my order , given him a deposit — and nothing 's happening .
11 But I 've already been done so
12 I 've already been up at your
13 I 've already been there .
14 Although I have to confess I 've already been working on it .
15 I 've already been here a fortnight and shall probably stay a week or two longer before moving south , ’ said Father Branche vaguely .
16 I 've already been back once . ’
17 I mean I 've already been offered well three or four jobs already like .
18 I 've already been offered three or four jobs with salary like you know .
19 I 've already been here over half an hour . ’
20 I 've already been contacted by people as far away from the airport as Holywood and Cultra , as well as many businesses , worried about this possibility , ’ said the City Council Ulster Unionist deputy leader .
21 I 've already been asked why on earth I 'm taking this job in a rugby town .
22 I 've already been warned by my dad . ’
23 I 've already been this morning , thank you , Corp . ’
24 ‘ The truth is , I 've simply been trying not to step on Merry 's toes .
25 Forcing herself to sound as confident as she was trying to feel , she told Guido , ‘ I 've simply been busy , that 's all . ’
26 After so many attempts , that day could not have been more rewarding , and I 've since been back at its summit twice .
27 What I mean is that I 've finally been forced to admit that the large-animal side of veterinary practice is still controlled by men .
28 I 've just been posting a letter for poor Mrs. Fanshawe , Sister , ’ she said virtuously .
29 She could hardly say , ‘ I 've just been told that I 'm pregnant again , ’ because it was only a matter of a week or two .
30 I 've just been explaining that Angela seems to have gone missing . ’
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