Example sentences of "[pron] just to be " in BNC.

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1 You ca n't but peek at them just to be titillated , not really believing what they are saying , since they are concocted by charlatans .
2 I 've been worried out of my head for so long it was a tremendous relief to me just to be able to talk to someone .
3 It 's not something just to be pushed to one side , and , ‘ Oh , yes , he 's coming at eleven o'clock , so I 'll think about it at five to eleven . ’
4 I never did like drag shows and I did n't want to spend the evening in the pub but I did it just to be with gay people .
5 Do n't tell Madeleine I said so because she 'll deny it just to be contrary , but I 'm very much hoping the two of them will soon be getting engaged .
6 ‘ we 're in it just to be anonymous —
7 I 'm not doing it just to be difficult .
8 I 'm gon na , you can chair it from there but I 'm gon na do it just to be safe .
9 Lesley wants sexual equality , but does n't believe attitudes have yet changed enough : ‘ We do n't yet have true equality ; until we do , women will have to overstress themselves and overprove themselves just to be given the same level of respect as their male peers .
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