Example sentences of "[pron] just [verb] to " in BNC.

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1 conjures up images and I just object to the fact that people impose on us , degrenality , I mean I , I think lesbian 's and gay men have got a right to their life style as we have and I do n't think we should be actually imposing and I think that 's what a lot of society and what people come out with does er more or less we do n't agree with that and its wrong and its objectional
2 I just had to be patient , it was one of those things .
3 Only time would tell now whether it would go without mishap I just had to be patient .
4 I just had to . "
5 ‘ I had them on one night at the South Bank Poly and I just thought to myself , ‘ I ca n't be bothered with this , I really ca n't ’ .
6 I suppose the main difference I notice about living in the two environments is how my dress is n't bound by convention on the island , I just stick to wearing what is most comfortable .
7 But the important thing was that I just wanted to be free . ’
8 I mean I know it 's stupid er I just wanted to and there 's no hurry at all for it and if you 'd rather go somewhere else now
9 I just says to Mrs Sneddon that she needed a new battery for her hearing aid and that a daimen-icker in a thrave didny mean whit she thought it did !
10 I just offered to erm in Tech class can you ?
11 I just went to bed for a sleep ’ , he revealed .
12 I just went to the waterfall and back .
13 But you see , I just went to the education officer and I say , he , he ran it , he , it , it was , it was his responsibility the Guild 's were and I went to him about a Guild matter and I said oh , erm how I mentioned that I was working and he said well where are you working ?
14 I just went to Mike and Rob 's house and my friends .
15 He cried for put him on the bed , could n't do no college work so I just went to bed and left him .
16 I just hope to God it does n't all go to his head and burn him out .
17 I just hope to God he 's the right choice . ’
18 Fabian grumbles : ‘ Ah , why did n't I just go to Hungary as well …
19 can I just go to the
20 ‘ Mildred Hubble , ’ said Miss Hardbroom wearily , ‘ what have I just said to you ?
21 Yes , he took a deflection off erm Andy Melville , I think he was going for his second , and erm I just managed to you know , just get down to my left and just keep it there , and it just sort of stuck so I was pleased with that .
22 Pickering said : ‘ I just appealed to the linesman .
23 ‘ Like Grete , I just try to be the same person .
24 ‘ When I 'm with Tommy I just try to be like him , ’ Iain had told the police .
25 ‘ I pushed the pram to the top of the street I was afraid they were following me but when I looked round there was nobody there so I just ran to my mum 's . ’
26 Can I just talk to you about them ones ?
27 Er could I just return to the line of questioning very briefly that the Senior Inspector was was pursuing a moment ago with with the County Council , in terms of the assessment of the environmental impact that the forty one thousand figure .
28 I mean can I just return to what Queenie Warley said about the rents , because basically what she said was the conservative view on council house rents was that yes they had to go up because the Government decreed they had to go up , that they would have put them up earlier so people would have been paying more for longer , and the phasing that they 're suggesting now what she did n't point out is that under the Conservative proposal people would finish up paying even higher rents than they will have to pay this year .
29 " I just wish to God I 'd had something to do with it .
30 I just wish to God I 'd never met you ! ’
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