Example sentences of "[adv] [num] [unc] cent " in BNC.

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1 A more typical , fairly niche campaign burst would achieve coverage of perhaps 70 per cent , spread over 30 spots and yielding total TVRs of some 150–200 .
2 For British Telecom and British Gas , where the perks took the form of discounts on quarterly bills , they were worth only 6.9 per cent and 7.4 per cent respectively .
3 The slower tester ran just below 70 per cent of MHR and found it uncomfortable to push any harder for 10 minutes , let alone 20 .
4 There is general agreement that Chlamydia trachomatis is the pathogen responsible for a high percentage of cases of NSU , but the best isolation rates still remain below 70 per cent of cases and are more usually in the region of 40 to 50 per cent .
5 At the beginning of the year the government forecast that the rate of inflation for 1988 would be only 32 per cent .
6 The situation is more acute in the rural areas when only 32 per cent of the population aged seven to fourteen years are enrolled at school .
7 Although only 32 per cent of women between 65 and 70 live alone , the proportion rises to 60 per cent for those over 80 .
8 Opinion polls conducted immediately after the election showed 36 per cent against EC membership and only 32 per cent in favour .
9 Laboratory tests revealed that only 32 per cent of the nitrogen content ended up as organic nitrogen compounds .
10 The Green candidate , finishing fourth out of eight , won only 1.2 per cent ( 1.5 in 1987 ) .
11 Details of a report by the Wiener Institut für Internationale Wirtschaftsvergleiche ( WIIW — the Vienna Institute for International Comparative Economics ) , published in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung of April 19 , 1990 , showed that industrial production in member states of COMECON had risen by only 1.2 per cent in 1989 — the lowest ever recorded .
12 Total on-trade beer sales were down eight per cent as a result of the recession , with nablabs having fallen by 20 per cent .
13 As a result , in 1979 only 75 per cent of payments for imports and net interest was covered by exports and other net receipts .
14 For example , Beveridge allowed pensioners only 75 per cent of the scientific food value regarded as necessary for ‘ physical efficiency ’ , in addition to 10 per cent for special food needs .
15 As Urban Programme allocations were limited , covering only 75 per cent of total costs , capital projects did not always receive appropriate current support .
16 Why does department X manage to enable all pupils to reach exam-entry standard , whereas department Y finds a steady dropping-out in terms of motivation and attendance , and its teachers seem content that only 75 per cent of the pupils take the exam ?
17 The American study shows that 95 per cent of women whose cancer was found by mammogram lived for at least five years , compared with only 75 per cent of those who found lumps after self-examination .
18 Said Graham : ‘ He 's only 75 per cent fit .
19 The dominant greenhouse or infrared absorbing gas for all three planets is carbon dioxide , but whereas Venus and Mars have atmospheric carbon dioxide contents of over 80 per cent , the earth 's atmosphere contains only 0.04 per cent .
20 This is reversed at the opposite end , however : 11.5 per cent of men and only 6.2 per cent of women gained thirds ( Universities Statistical Record ) .
21 Only 51.7 per cent of the 1,440,000 registered voters reportedly participated .
22 The New Earnings Survey shows that in 1984 women earned only 74 per cent of men 's hourly rate , and only 66 per cent of men 's gross weekly earnings .
23 Thus the climate for negotiations on a major issue such as what constituted acceptable compensation for expropriated US properties ( the Cubans , desperately short of foreign exchange , were prepared to offer only 4.5 per cent bonds ) was soured .
24 Among ’ industrial nations the rise was only 4.5 per cent , up from 3.4 per cent in 1988 .
25 At the 1981 Census 16.3 per cent of its employed men had successfully completed higher education , with the next highest region — the South West managing only 13.3 per cent and the Northern Region lowest at 11.5 per cent .
26 are in this category in London and only 23.1 per cent .
27 ‘ They are asking for eight per cent , whereas the housing associations can afford to pay only three-and-a-half per cent . ’
28 By 1989/90 the Exchequer met only 43.4 per cent , with a further 4 per cent coming from a central grant that reimbursed authorities for part of the rate rebates that they gave to poor households .
29 Had that led to a dramatic detection of crime , it would have been good , but I understand that the surveys then carried out suggest that in only 0.03 per cent .
30 Since the first closing date , only 0.03 per cent further acceptances have been received . ’
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