Example sentences of "[adv] [vb pp] [adv prt] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 The food at the hotel is mostly flown in from Vienna , so staying at Fudauri is Georgian extra-extra luxury .
2 Walking the floor to prove to yourself it was not rising to crush your bed as the walls slowly gathered in towards you and the ceiling lowered itself steadily downwards until it was an inch above your face .
3 Picketline disorder eventually spilled over into mining communities , which became the sites of major disturbances .
4 The relationship between Government educationists and villagers was a political one , and created the seeds of resentment and conflict that eventually spilled over in 1979 with the overthrow of the Shah .
5 As Speaker O'Neill forcibly pointed out to the newly elected President Carter , tactics that had worked in the relatively sedate politics of Georgia were unlikely to be effective in Washington .
6 And , yes , I saw the incident at Southampton , where Mark Nicholas was eventually given out to a disputed close catch and then brought back to the crease .
7 SHe had eventually given in to a desire to seek Tammuz out , even though SHe already recognised the signs which meant he wanted to be left alone .
8 This idea has long since fallen out of favour ; it is much more likely that the two components of a pair were born at the same time and in the same region of space , from the same cloud of dust and gas .
9 Apparently , though , it was not etiquette , a reality laughingly pointed out to her by Glyn when they had started going out with each other on a regular basis .
10 ‘ He very politely pointed out in each case , ’ recalled Mountbatten , ‘ that it was not the way he would have phrased it , and so it remained virtually unchanged .
11 On Aug. 8 the British hostage John McCarthy was released in Beirut ; he was swiftly transported to the Syrian capital , Damascus , and thence flown back to the United Kingdom .
12 The material being drilled is effectively broken up by the drill bit , and the rotary action of the drill bit is primarily to remove debris from the hole .
13 The wheel was never repaired and was eventually broken up for scrap .
14 From two furlongs out , the well-backed and fancied maiden Adam Smith was the only serious threat but the older horse , vigorously shaken up by Steve Cauthen , put him firmly in his place .
15 Activists are illegally dismissed , strikes are forcibly broken up by the army or police and many unionists have been killed .
16 The full-time farms surveyed were mostly given over to grass and were on the higher ground .
17 There was n't nothing wrong with it — it was just a little bashed up on one end , that 's all .
18 The seagulls have long since given up on this ferry .
19 I am speaking now of its Belgrade side , of the old men in the Academy who wished to complete Serb history because it seemed to them that it had not been properly completed back in 1918 .
20 In relation to churches serving other denominations , it has been the case until recently that Roman Catholic churches have rarely fallen out of use , although the general decline in religious observance is beginning to affect some of these buildings too .
21 The Cult of Pleasure is revealed as being secretly given over to the worship of Slaanesh .
22 This programme was successfully carried through by Erwin Schrödinger and his results published early in 1926 , a classic counter-example to the assertion that distinguished theoretical physicists do their best work before they are 25 ( Schrödinger was 38 at the time ) .
23 The Foreign Secretary stressed , however , that aid on its own can never ensure reform is successfully carried through in the two countries .
24 In an aftermath when the relentless and remorseless inhumanity of the mill owner and his magisterial friends passed into local lore , an attempt was made to assassinate Cartwright and one was successfully carried out on another mill owner , William Horsfall , who had boasted his intent to ride up to his saddle girths in the blood of Luddites .
25 George Stephen remembered how as a youth he heard ‘ many a semi-domestic debate as to the extent to which parliamentary manoeuvring could be successfully carried out with the ministerial benches ’ .
26 Again , many decisions which are successfully carried out in a given period may not turn out to have been the best possible courses of action .
27 Daily food reintroductions were successfully carried out in 64 patients with subsequent exclusion of suspect foods .
28 In the 1990s there was only the hope that her fires , so vigorously stoked up by the dispossessed , would begin to burn down of their own accord .
29 The other end of the rainbow was presumably curled up inside the cloud .
30 Since then , it has rather dropped out of sight , especially after the ECJ in Cases 144 and 145/87 , Berg and Busschers v Besselsen [ 1988 ] ECR 2559 had seemed to adopt the analysis that the transfer of the contract of employment was compulsory as to both employer and employee .
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