Example sentences of "[adv] [prep] [art] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 And the river Nive , which is a good deal slimmer and perfectly limpid up here , near to its source in the watershed , flows discreetly through the middle of the town , dividing it into two quite equal parts .
2 I settled back in my seat , picked some dirt from my fingernails with a spare scythe blade , and whispered discreetly through the partition .
3 Leonora felt better once she was in the taxi , particularly since Penry not only held her hand , but kept his arm round her for the entire journey , taking her mind very successfully off the evening ahead by the sheer joy of just being with him after a week apart .
4 Fertility increases in Britain occurred in a modest way in the later 1930s and much more strikingly between the mid-1950s and 1960s .
5 I 'm a very private person and when you 're relating your feelings so intensely through the music , you want to spend the rest of the time with people you like to be with . ’
6 Since in the epi-classical period the differences between legacies and trusts persisted there is no reason to suppose that the publisher of Scaevola 's works would have used the terms interchangeably as a matter of deliberate policy .
7 ( As we said above , we think that reparative measures could be particularly suitable in pursuing reintegrative shaming , for the performance of reparation shames the offender symbolically while seeking to set matters right between the offender , the victim and the community . )
8 The best route , initially , is to cross the shallows on the left into the rack then go right over the shingle/boulder bank into the mini haystacks , thence into the pool , left at the next rack and cut back right between the rock and the boulder bank to avoid the tree roots .
9 She 's given him on right between the legs !
10 But that we get a balance right between the amount of regulations an and the cost of it but that it is in a sense , effective and and the plea I would make to my honourable friend when he considers this P I A prospectus and what should be done and wh to what extent the government feels it should support it , is that what we actually want is not a specific requirement that says you 've got to have this much , that much capital erm and so on , but that there is a function , there is a regular audit trail , there is a a regular , annual look at the figures , the accounts of all these intermediaries , er and firms where the difficulty has been er in the past .
11 Much to Dudley Moore 's surprise , I pull out a small shiny silver pistol and blast him right between the eyes .
12 " Monsieur Devraux 's went through her left ear , but she had another one — yours — right between the eyes ! "
13 Holding my tie as if for balance , he let me have his actor 's stare , right between the eyes .
14 I must admit the ‘ truth ’ did not smack me right between the eyes or make me leap like Archimedes from his bath .
15 The bullet took him right between the eyes , blowing his brains out through the back of his head .
16 The hands can lead you right through a painting .
17 The birds went off at noisy full-throttle , right through a herd of deer which had been grazing quietly till then .
18 One of the things that some chaps found amusing when they went to the " heads " ( the head is what the Navy calls the loo ) , you sat in a long row and a great flush of water ran right through a row of 20 or 30 .
19 For example , an energy flow from left to right through a flow from foreground to background should produce an upwards driving force that becomes diagonally anticlockwise .
20 The teacher stands back and observes Christopher ( 4.7 ) as he tries to cut right through a block of wood with a tenon saw only half its width .
21 And indeed , watched curiously by a solitary policeman below , he passes right through a library ( ** ) by Hawksmoor , and emerges on the other side coughing slightly from the dust in the books .
22 how value it is , and most insurance , yeah , that 's right through a brokers .
23 Much more energetic particles can be produced by cosmic-rays , which themselves are so energetic that they can readily pass right through a magnetosphere .
24 The Danzig Party leapt into the political struggles of the Volkstag with renewed energy and Forster settled down with confidence to work at his leisure the rich vein of economic discontent that ran right through every strata of Free City society .
25 I suffered with her that evening , right through every moment , and when I went to bed at around midnight I could still hear her crying into her pillow — not a sound that sends a mother peacefully to sleep .
26 The valleys will have nobody working at all , there 'll be no one paying insurances , no income tax , so where is the money going to come for future pensions for people right through the country .
27 On leaving the gallery , turn right through the passage and on to the Powder Bridge from where there is a wonderful view of the 15C fortifications built by the architect Benedikt Ried of Piesting and of the towering cathedral .
28 He went right through the passage to the street and entered the shop like a customer .
29 It was right through the window , the second pane up on the left hand side .
30 That 's it now put your foot right through the window .
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