Example sentences of "[pron] the same time " in BNC.

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1 well I do n't know , I suppose they sort of well , they the same time paint work and they go thundering down the corridor and go charging in there and , oh back at training on there you know come on , come on we 've only got half an hour
2 If ‘ story ’ suggests a narrative sequence towards which Double Or Nothing is gesturing , Federman it the same time questions each fictional possibility so thoroughly that the only reliable sequence becomes the narrative voice which is constantly shifting in person and tone .
3 I try to keep it the same time .
4 The troughs are realising you have forgotten something you learned right at the beginning , finding out you have been saying ‘ taste ’ instead of ‘ try ’ for six months , falling asleep over vocabulary , believing you are ready to understand speeches without help and discovering you are not , being corrected by another non-native speaker who has been at it the same time as you , and taking an hour to tell a Lada joke .
5 Was it the same time of the year ?
6 do it the same time because we 're in the same class and speak to all the same people and we 'd get all the same results
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