Example sentences of "[pron] not [verb] that " in BNC.

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1 I was being utterly foolish ; my duty was to stay on , do A-levels , and go on to Oxford or Cambridge ( which took an extra term ) ; the local grammar school was not good enough to fulfil this latter purpose and if I went there , I would only be throwing my education away ; and , besides , did I not realise that , in the face of difficulties , one should never give up , but struggle on and thus establish a superior strength of character ?
2 ‘ Did I not say that he was a good secretary ? ’
3 I mean let me not allege that you 're one of the worst , but you say ‘ Dear Motorists , erm may we congratulate you on the acquisition of your new vehicle .
4 Let me not suggest that he could not work freely and spontaneously when he chose , as we see in the late The Gipping from Blakenham , 1977 , a watercolour which displays admirable freedom as opposed to recklessness .
5 And let me not suggest that booksellers are blameless either .
6 Stupid of me not to realise that here , also …
7 But it is impossible for me not to feel that my body is other than I , that I inhabit it like a house , and that my face is a mask which , with or without my consent , conceals my real nature from others . ’
8 One can sympathise with owners of great houses , faced with tax and running costs , but let them not think that furnishings of the standing of Kent 's at Houghton can simply be dispensed with as ‘ surplus to requirements ’ and that their loss from the house would not in future be regretted .
9 Of course , there may be those who would argue that the entrenchment of the middle ground in power would be a good thing that would lead to moderate government and stable policies , but let them not argue that it would also be fair or would give the majority of people what they wanted of government .
10 ‘ I have told them not to think that lightning ca n't strike twice , ’ the former Wimbledon champion said .
11 The sounds of shouting and gunshots might have alarmed Ianthe had she not realised that they were coming from the television programme in the basement .
12 The main point was , did she or did she not think that the whole ghastly superstructure should be brought down and got rid of , root and branch , once and for all ?
13 Did she not think that such grieving as she had showed was somehow too much for any memory to bear ?
14 Did she not understand that she had no need to fight me , to defend herself from me ?
15 Did she not understand that I would look after her , that 1 would see to it that she was safe and well ?
16 Could she not say that it had been her own choice to leave the Longhills , that they were not suited to one another ?
17 My Lords whilst thanking the Noble Baroness the Minister for that reply , would she not agree that when they get into hospital the accident case or the emerg emergency case , they 've probably been sent there by a doctor and that there they should th therefore be handled , but what the associations are concerned about , particularly the Royal College of Nursing , the B M A and Unison is that emergency and accident cases are put in corridors on trolleys and this ought not to be th a situation which can be tolerated .
18 This is something which has been drawn to my attention on many occasions and would she not agree that there are many of us who very much regret the fact that so many parents er are find it difficult to exercise their right to vote , because there is so much opposition er at a local level from officials
19 It would have helped , perhaps , had she not known that Odette , in her place , would have given up everything and anything had , in fact , already several times done so — for love .
20 Have you not noticed that my life has changed ?
21 As a backbencher , his mind changed : ‘ Do you not think that the tone of England is more liberal than the policy of the government ?
22 ‘ Do you not think that our women readers will be interested in what I have written ? ’
23 ‘ Do you not think that someone suspected ? ’
24 Do you not think that the people deserve to know what threatens them on their very doorstep ?
25 Did you not think that your brother might be coming north soon ?
26 ‘ If an assassin were to dare to enter my kitchen , ’ Auguste announced in tones that made it clear that no villain would have the temerity , ‘ do you not think that poison would be his chosen means , rather than an arsenal of rifles hidden in a kitchen range ? ’
27 ‘ Would you not think that such a machine could greatly open up commerce and cultural relationships between Switzerland and Britain ?
28 Do you not think that I mean the people who were saying keep them there they 're saying it adds something to what 's in the city centre do you not agree ?
29 Do you not think that almost regardless of the reply and whatever that reply contained , with what we now know with the benefit of hindsight about Liechtenstein , which was actually known by I M R O there 's not for the benefit of hindsight that was n't known at that time , should n't I M R O have refused immediately to license any organisation that was controlled out of Liechtenstein in those circumstances ?
30 Do you not think that up to now Middle Eastern countries and some other nations and people as well have been of the super powers in their giant struggle against each other , but now the United States may be able to take er , if you like a more mature and more relaxed attitude .
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