Example sentences of "[pron] is [verb] that " in BNC.

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1 For example the most usual constraint we impose on ourselves is to believe that it is incumbent on us to carry out all the steps of a manufacturing process ourselves .
2 It is said that the pattern is mentioned in records dating back to the fifth century BC , which is to say that it was known well before the Roman invasion .
3 These embellishments are crucial , for they give rise to the two forms of the Shakespearian Equation : ‘ In the first form , the tragic form , the hero rejects the Goddess and is killed by the boar ( arriving as madness ) , which is to say that he is transformed by it .
4 Wittgenstein is here opposing our natural inclination when we start philosophising , which is to say that what matters is not the use of the expressions ‘ I know ’ , ‘ I remember ’ , ‘ I hope ’ , but a mental phenomenon — or process or activity — of knowing , remembering , hoping .
5 None of which is to say that Galway 's anguish is not fully justified .
6 Ackroyd pastiches Dickens in form rather than style — which is to say that this book is very long , Dickensianly long ( the main text signs off at page 1084 , where it gives way to a fat coda of source notes , bibliography and index ) .
7 There is ‘ unity of command ’ which is to say that each member of the organisation only has one direct supervisor .
8 Ruth Lowinsky 's book is a true period piece , which is to say that in its time it was bang up to date .
9 Further ( 7 ) the causal circumstance is dependently necessary to the effect , which is to say that the effect dependently necessitates the circumstance .
10 The objection involves the feeling or perhaps the conviction that we can never state or explicitly describe such a thing as a causal circumstance is said to be , which is to say that we can not do something like give a complete enumeration of its elements : we can not give particular or individuating descriptions of all of them .
11 As specified , a causal circumstance includes no more than was needed to necessitate the effect , which is to say that it included just a set of conditions or events such that if the set existed , so did the effect , and still would have even if certain other conditions or events had also existed .
12 To remedy this , he suggests that arts education must be shown to be " vocational " , which is to say that arts should be shown to provide education for living , acting , doing , knowing , thinking , and enjoying .
13 I am childless ; but the Jews are my children and I love them as a parent should , which is to say that I do n't love them for their qualities ( remarkable as these seem to me to be , naturally ) , and only wish them to exist , and to flourish , and to have their right to life and love .
14 ‘ The secret was kept in the way most secrets are kept , which is to say that although the truth did not get out , something got out .
15 Which is to say that the idea of being married to him offends you ? ’
16 Which is to say that defences are being erected to protect the integrity of Western culture , of the Western idea .
17 Which is to say that directions are better than sentences .
18 Prior to requesting the client to sign such a letter , the firm must be satisfied that the client can properly be regarded as a corporate finance client and place a note on file to this effect ( which is to say that there are no grounds for believing that it would be more appropriate to treat the client as a normal investment business client ) .
19 Nevertheless , ( 219 ) is the equivalent of " Postulate AB = CD " , which is to say that let is an instruction to anyone reading this sentence to conceive AB as equal to CD .
20 Accurate reports of certain public occasions are " privileged " — which is to say that any defamatory statements arising from them can not be made the subject of a successful libel action .
21 Which is recognizing that children play a vital r role in a lot of coun in a lot of families .
22 Which is recognizing that it 's not there to start with .
23 no , because the point is that Labour has not changed it 's course , which is recognizing that at the heart of it 's policies we have to show that we know the world has changed , and we 've got a message to women , which is that we know that you are essential in your role in the family , but we know you 're also essential in the economy ,
24 I rather think that they are concentrating on the main task which is to see that the children are properly provided for .
25 I find the remark significant for the assumption which is made that there was nothing harmful about the previous view of the relation between men and women ; indeed the previous view may have accorded with the divine will and our present outlook not .
26 If deconstruction in a purest sense is only of limited interest to a study which is asserting that texts emerge out of a particular culture called the English Renaissance , it is also true that , fortunately , there is little pure deconstruction about .
27 Primarily , though by no means exclusively , it is the English middle class which , somewhat self-consciously , ‘ appreciates ’ the countryside — and which is determined that others will not ‘ spoil ’ it for them .
28 I think what we actually want is more people who are more in tune with working people and their hopes , and their dreams and their aspirations , and tha in , in parliament , in the House of Commons than we 've got at the moment and so the motion I 'm putting forward which is to propose that we actually look at the Parliamentary Panel and make sure we get a few decent shop stewards in the House of Commons , a few people who got experience of actually being on the shop floor , a few people who got experience in the last fourteen years , that the last four Conservative governments have actually tried and defend and fight for the interests of working people right down the grass root , those are the people that we actually need in the House of Commons and we shall be looking at our Parliamentary Panel and we shall be looking at it very seriously to ensure that we get those sort of people onto that Parliamentary Panel and those sort of people into the House of Commons , that 's the best way to represent working people in Britain today and that 's the sort of contribution the G M B should be making .
29 However , the Lord Chancellor wishes the Legal Aid Board to keep the arrangements governing eligibility and contributions for legal aid under review so as to fulfil the Board 's overall aim , which is to ensure that legal advice , assistance and representation is made available to those who need it .
30 by requiring that centres in which modules are to be offered meet a set of rigorous approval criteria , the aim of which is to ensure that appropriate staff , materials and resources are in place ;
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