Example sentences of "[pron] is not [verb] " in BNC.

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1 Says Souness : ‘ I think you realise quite quickly if someone is not suited to playing for you or your club then you do what you have to do . ’
2 If he feels someone is not applying themselves 100 per cent , he wo n't spare reputations or ego — whoever you are .
3 Sometimes the tears come for no reason ( by which phrase we mean that someone is not crying for a particular reason , for something or someone in particular , but that they are crying for everything ) .
4 The book was well received by the Lancet and British Medical Journal , but savagely attacked by an anonymous reviewer in the Medical Times and Gazette of 1859 , who dismissed it , in a ridiculous review for which the most likely reason was personal animosity or jealousy , as ‘ a book which is not wanted [ and ] is not even up to the mark of the existing vade-mecums .
5 Can the Minister justify the payment of more than £234,000 of public money to accountants , bureaucrats and consultants to prepare opting-out submissions when that money can be better used to reduce waiting lists or to make a donation to the appeal for the Royal hospital for sick children in Edinburgh instead of being used to propagate Tory party propaganda which is not wanted by the people of Scotland and which would damage the health service in Scotland ?
6 In reality , it is a social and economic problem which is not fixed to a particular geographical space but which can transfer itself from place to place if it is not tackled at its source .
7 The only three fish I am left with are a Majestic Witch , which also has a white mark around the mouth , a Black Wedge , which is not feeding , and the Moon Angel , that is still in good health .
8 The Supreme Court Funds ( Amendment ) Rules 1983 provide that any payment into court under Ord 22 , r1 which is not accepted within 21 days will then be placed on deposit automatically and earn interest on a daily basis for each complete pound .
9 The reason why a search of premises which is not authorised by law is illegal is that it involves the tort of trespass to those premises : and any trespass , whether to land or goods or the person , that is made without legal authority is prima facie illegal .
10 For example , the chief executive or clerk would be at fault in allowing a committee to do something which is not authorised by law or which he knows to be illegal .
11 If Montrose chiastic formulation ( historicity of texts/textuality of history ) suggests an expected critical process which is not balanced but open to intrusions , constant qualification and , in effect , cultural deconstruction , what is more frequently produced is a critical narrative which creates an impression of cultural chiasmus , a balance in which the reciprocal concerns between original cultural embedment and subsequent textual mediations are equally suspended .
12 Which is not to say , he wrote , that the present project has any value over and above the others , mine and those of everyone else , I have been into the question of value already and will not return to it now , has any value or that its outcome has any value , I have to repeat this , simply that now , for me , today , after the things I have done and given the time left me , it is the most important thing , it is what , from the time I first picked up a pencil and made a mark on a piece of paper , everything has logically led up to .
13 Which is not to say that much fine work is not achieved .
14 It was a not uncommon combination in a certain breed of Englishman and Englishwoman — a breed perhaps now vanished , which is not to say , improved upon .
15 ‘ I no longer want full government funding from a government that is going to be dictatorial as hell , which is not to say I would not prefer it under a government of a different kind . ’
16 I have had a religious experience — which is not to say , of course , that I am claiming a religious explanation for it .
17 However , there are important cases , particularly Senegal and Tanzania , where the tendency towards a national identity has been more important than localism , which is not to say that the conflict has not existed .
18 The key message is that kids cook quick — which is not to say that they immediately contract the disease .
19 Which is not to say that popular humour in the States is particularly nice : in recent years there has been a great demand for in-your-face racist , ethnic and misogynist stuff , as typified on the respectable side by Jackie Mason and on the unholy by Andrew Dice Clay .
20 Most Christians had a strong reserve towards that polytheism that pervaded society , which is not to say that there were not quiet compromisers , like the Christians of southern Spain early in the fourth century who held official cultic positions in the worship of Jupiter , or the bishop of Troy who could painlessly apostatize under Julian because he had never ceased to pray to the sun-god .
21 Which is not to say that statements of fact had no implications of principle .
22 Creating an image , in this sense , is an external systematizing activity ; which is not to say that Zuwaya failed to recognize the finished product or failed to enjoy it .
23 Which is not to say that such diseases are more common in this country or that the cases are more florid or medically interesting , simply that , for historical reasons , the delivery of both diagnosis and treatment is better than elsewhere .
24 Which is not to say that it was odious and conceited because it was a feminist .
25 Which is not to say that ethyl alcohol drops do not work — they could help a chemical-sensitive patient by stimulating the liver to produce more detoxification enzymes .
26 Which is not to say that old-fashioned , blue-chip brands do not continue to pull in the plaudits .
27 Which is not to say he 's a hippy soul surfer , a revivalist sporting a long Malibu board and casually riding a wave 's length as if strolling in the park .
28 ( Which is not to say that women are illogical , rather that our notions of logic may be androcentric .
29 Thus a 10-month-old baby who failed to respond to its name , or to betray signs of recognition towards its mother , twin sister , or even its rattle , might well give therapists cause for concern ; which is not to say that the normal baby , who does succeed in reacting appropriately , is thereby yet self -conscious .
30 It is enough to mount a convincing argument , in this instance by someone who is prepared to get dirty hands for her convictions ; which is not to say that she must convince everyone .
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