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1 The necessary inference from such a principle as his is that the interpreters of law should be the.ones to define the rights of individuals and to trace the bounds of legitimate government over them .
2 ‘ I want to want ’ , the underground man 's lonely cry , is also his though he does n't utter it , and biting the governor 's car , like sticking the tongue out , is a one-against-all drumming of the heels of consciousness — but again with a difference which is that the biting extends beyond the notional ; it happens and it hurts , though it 's a minor foray compared with Raskolnikov 's spectacular eruption into actuality with the murder .
3 There is a further factor that feminists have drawn attention to , which is that the majority of students of English are women , whereas the majority of academics teaching it are male , and that the female students have a built-in deference to male teachers and to the minority of male students .
4 To dismiss this comment simply as Bridgeman being a poacher turned gamekeeper would be to miss the point , which is that the war had allowed the Conservatives to become gamekeepers again , whereas from 1902 to 1914 there had been genuine concern that they might be permanently banished from the estates of power .
5 To permit this method of mortgaging land to continue would have been quite contrary to the policy of the Property Acts , which is that the owner of property shall be able to convey to a purchaser a good legal title free from all equities affecting that property .
6 When DUP spokesmen give their view of the conflict , which is that the rioters were clearly in the wrong but their actions were understandable , and that the fault really lay with the leadership of the RUC , the loyalists seem to hear only those parts which marked the DUP as being more supportive of their acts than was the OUP .
7 There are also changes to COSHH Regulation 4 and Schedule 2 , the main effect of which is that the use of benzene is prohibited except in industrial processes or for the purposes of research , development and analysis .
8 Their work also confirmed what had long been suspected : which is that the majority of creatures on Earth are insects , and most of them are beetles .
9 The subterranean passage view offers a plausible account of how the monsters could feed , but unfortunately in doing so it destroys another theory about ‘ Nessie ’ , which is that the animal is a relic of the dinosaur age , possibly a plesiosaur .
10 The minuet is thought possibly to have originated as a dance movement ( one indication of which is that the violas double the bass line rather than having independent parts as was customary in Mozart 's symphonic works ) .
11 Rather , it adds a new element , which is that the testator 's son alone is to undertake liability .
12 Quicker thinking readers will probably have noticed what I did n't , which is that the first appearance of ‘ adverb ’ is a mistaken correction by a typesetter or proofreader of the correctly wrong ‘ abverb ’ .
13 In other animals there is behaviour which benefits another individual , and moreover there is behaviour the end of which is to benefit another individual , in a sense of ‘ end ’ which requires a lot of work to make clear , but which is uncontentiously illustrated by behaviour the end of which is that the animal should take in food .
14 There is just one problem , which is that the way in which we conceptualize the processes we are studying influences the way we study the brain .
15 These findings raise another problem with stimulation methods , which is that the effects of stimulating at individual points in a system are only readily interpretable when the effects of activating separate parts of a system are additive .
16 This is due to many factors , one of the more obvious of which is that the cumulative physical demands of manual work may well affect the worker 's health .
17 There is something more important , which is that the essential idea of the background view does not in itself conflict with our necessitation view .
18 There are a number of reasons for this , not the least of which is that the statement is protected by professional privilege . ’
19 But it must stand alongside other factors , the principal one of which is that the date of his first review should , in my view , relate strictly to the judicial view of the tariff .
20 Hence fair play , one of the rules of which is that the eventual murderer shall be one of a small group , delimited in some way .
21 It amounts , in short , to a rejection of the unmediated , dogmatic view of literature as preached by Stalin , Zhdanov , Radek and Stetsky in 1934 , the implication of which is that the task of literature is primarily to serve immediate propagandist ends , and the adoption of a more sensitive cultural perspective which distances literature from ideology , grants greater specificity to literary production , and in the process provides a richer , more complex and refracted view of social reality .
22 The rejoinder to this is to accept that the counter is pointing to a real feature of academic thought , which is that the consensus of the relevant disciplinary community does indeed offer some measure of reliability and raises knowledge claims above mere whim ; but that does not in itself amount to a demonstration of the ‘ progress ’ of knowledge .
23 So we come to the second implication , which is that the student has to understand the practical aspects of the life of reason .
24 Are not we entitled to be told the whole truth , as revealed by Greenpeace , which is that the total lifetime cost of Trident will be more than £23 billion ?
25 Such contacts can reinforce the effectiveness of our views on the point made by the hon. Gentleman , which is that the death sentence on Salman Rushdie is an unacceptable infringement of his rights as a British citizen .
26 One recoils from the obvious answer , which is that the Home Secretary wants yet again to produce a cheap headline in the popular press such as ’ Crackdown on crime ’ , by producing , as the right hon. Member for Sparkbrook said , a modest and short Bill .
27 Even so , there is one essential difference which is that the determinant factor is specified in advance of testing by economic theory .
28 A bad custom has prevailed lately in our mines in general which is that the men work only six hours whereas they used to work eight hours … we entered into a resolution to insist on the men working eight hours in future , instead of six and relieve in place .
29 There is one exception to the security rules , which is that the LIFESPAN Manager can always view any LIFESPAN information in the relational database .
30 Er , from the sound business point of view , we can only recycle glass , because we get what are called recycling credits , which is that the County Council gives us fifteen pounds a ton at the moment .
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