Example sentences of "[pron] [vb past] to [be] " in BNC.

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1 One of the first was the Camattini family , who left La Spezia , the great port and naval base on the Ligurian Sea which everyone expected to be bombarded by the British Fleet .
2 And the ultimate development in disposable packaging was the TV dinner , the domestic version of the airline dinner , bought complete with disposable tray , containers , cups and utensils , all of them made to be thrown away .
3 The noise was intense , constant chatter , voices raised in argument , an air of expectancy , even tension , as everyone pretended to be involved in what was happening around them but secretly watched the great ones at the high table .
4 When we landed at Bombay ( for the story has a happy ending ) I asked to be shown the piece of tarmac pasteurised for the Pope to kiss on his recent visit , so I could bless it too ( poojahs is the Hindi word ) and give thanks for deliverance .
5 I asked to be provided with a car and an interpreter/guide .
6 But being me I could n't stand that very long , may be two or three months , and I asked to be moved .
7 When I was alone with the General I asked to be transferred .
8 ‘ My dear fellow , it is but seldom that one has the pleasure of meeting a friend from the old days in Petersburg , but I chanced to be in Vienna recently , and have heard much about you from mutual acquaintances .
9 It had a title which was not the most inspiring one I had heard in what I presumed to be my life , but told of the one man who had a great impression on me .
10 " I could n't have a worse offer if I lived to be a hundred .
11 Something which , if I lived to be two hundred years old then went and announced it at St Paul 's Cross , would rock the very throne of England and scandalise the courts of Europe !
12 Later that evening , going on my farewell walk round Cuzco , I fought to be positive , talking to myself like a character in a novel I was reading at the time , David Copperfield 's aunt .
13 Her father died when she was two , and , after education at the Bar Convent in York , she was courted at fourteen by the thirty-five-year-old Joseph Radcliffe : ‘ poor , little me ! … like a bird in a cage , I fluttered to be at liberty . ’
14 I was a member of NALGO from 1979 until the GLC was abolished , when I ceased to be a member for a number of reasons : 1 could not afford it , and because the company for whom I worked was not a Local Authority .
15 MICHAEL WINNER and I ceased to be on speaking terms after I described him as a very average director who made very average movies .
16 I was happy as pop singer , the last couple of years I was n't happy when I ceased to be a pop singer and I was er headed on a road of being an entertainer .
17 I owned to being the coward , traitor , thief and fairy they saw in me .
18 During August I agreed to be interviewed by World in Action in Manchester .
19 On orders from the new Earl , my visits to the house were to be permitted only if I agreed to be supervised .
20 MY later visits to Althorp were allowed only if I agreed to be supervised
21 I could go to chapel if I agreed to be confirmed when I was older .
22 I got to be careful about remembering to switch it off .
23 I got to be more grown up if I 'm going to look after a pet .
24 I got to be careful — cars just suddenly come out from nowhere and it 's easy to have an accident .
25 I got to be careful crossing the road , specially when I ai n't feeling too good .
26 I got to be careful of the traffic , cos a car nearly hit me .
27 I got to be more careful and watch where I 'm walking .
28 I got to be grown up and ask people the way .
29 I got to be careful at the doorways , cos there 's people coming in and out and a couple of times I nearly get knocked over by people bumping into me .
30 I got to be supervisor in the winches section .
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