Example sentences of "[pron] [adv] [vb past] to " in BNC.

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1 The Gnostic teacher , Cerinthus , was active in Asia Minor at the time when John wrote , and he taught that the heavenly Christ came upon the human Jesus only at his baptism , and left him before his passion : the union between them only seemed to be real -actually it was merely temporary .
2 The actual process of putting them together proved to be an awful lot more difficult than we first thought .
3 I rarely used to Hasselblad .
4 So next day I duly went to the synagogue , rather self-conscious in my trilby hat , surprised to find women sitting in the gallery only , much impressed with the singing of the cantor and the blowing of the ram 's horn , and a little taken aback by the quick exit at the end of the fast , presumably to get back home for the first square meal of the day .
5 I knew that I wanted a free and independent life although I secretly subscribed to the idea of marrying a professional , sighted man .
6 But the one I eventually went to was very good .
7 When I eventually returned to Vienna to make music , I was completely relaxed within myself .
8 Then I slowly got to my feet and they all started laughing happily as if I was n't dead after all .
9 It was as fine an afternoon as you could wish for as I slowly descended to Malham Beck , the Cove coming into view on my left as I walked down .
10 For a little while I was afraid I was going to land in the middle of a town , but I mercifully drifted to the edge of this .
11 The second category , overall impression , involves listening to all the adjectives describing the person and thereby forming an overall impression ; ‘ [ I ] assessed the overall impression left once all the words had been read out ’ or ‘ I was not conscious of using any strategy in particular at the time , but I guess I merely listened to all the traits and tried to gain an overall impression . ’
12 I merely agreed to it .
13 But I was n't struck by any thunderbolts or lightning flashes , and when talking about the dance afterwards in the Met Office I merely remarked to the officer on duty that I 'd met a very nice corporal and he 'd asked me to go to the Station cinema with him on Saturday .
14 Afterwards , having made desperately light of the gaffe , I defensively hissed to Jack : ‘ Well , it 's not pronounced Botha is it ?
15 I naturally came to this conclusion only with the greatest reluctance ; it was no easy matter for me , the responsible commander , to abandon my dreams of hope and victory !
16 ( Well , I only got to page 8 … ) .
17 And I only said to Joe yesterday
18 Ah , I only said to Chris the other day , I thought god I have n't seen Trevor for ages , I honestly did and I , I did n't think you know , anything wrong with him .
19 and then previously I worked at neighbourhood office , and I only came to when it had be d been declared a clearance area ,
20 I only went to school for two years , ’ says Maxima Flores , forty-year-old mother of four .
21 I only wanted to be kind to the Dust Baby .
22 " I did n't know him — I only spoke to him for a few minutes , but David Fairfax recognised him . "
23 I went into this field and I sat there and cried for hours in this pouring rain and I suddenly thought to myself , ‘ This is ridiculous , this is no good — you 're not meant to be an actor , you 're meant to be something else — a comedian . ’
24 Exactly a week later I suddenly went to Oxford by the most impossible train which stopped at every station .
25 ‘ On the last tour I basically played the same thing every night and I suddenly came to the realisation that I was n't progressing as much as I should .
26 On the last tour I basically played the same thing every night and I suddenly came to the realisation that I was n't progressing as much as I should
27 Then there was this thing that I constantly talked to the press .
28 I just had to be patient , it was one of those things .
29 Only time would tell now whether it would go without mishap I just had to be patient .
30 I just had to . "
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