Example sentences of "[pron] [modal v] [adv] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 he said impatiently to Burt , describing the impossibility of dealing with such turncoats , ‘ they were determined that people like me should never comc into our own .
2 A couple of questions if I may please Mr Sexton .
3 I may not rate that high among Fielding and the filmstars , but in here I 'm a catch .
4 I should also value , and quickly , advice and a possible letter of support for a particular job application .
5 Sewed my lips with hexes so I should not blaspheme against their godling …
6 Well I might not Peter 's entire office dip switch Trev .
7 If I might secondly Mr Mayor address some of the concerns that have been expressed and no doubt , will doubt be expressed later on .
8 Well I 'll tomorrow morning phone them up find out exactly what time , and register you rather than me if it 's you know if I ca n't get to it .
9 Now I 'll just Carl I think and put the on .
10 I 'll just dose off here
11 ‘ I think I 'll just kind of duck down in your pocket if that 's OK , chief .
12 I 've already put in our comments in writing on this to Chris and I 'll just sort of draw some of them save me repeating them .
13 Erm I 'll just sort of er talk briefly about sort of main trends and , and sort of output and orders and so on and then go through in terms of some of the implications that results as regards to employment and domestic crisis .
14 And they 've got ta try and walk backwards I 'll just sort of go whoop !
15 Right , this is an extremely good slide , I did take this myself , erm of the actual dress of the eighteen forties , I 'll just sort of point out its components .
16 I 'll just tea up there cos she has a tablet does n't she ?
17 He 's got a course until Sunday afternoon and I 'll probably Sunday afternoon , I might even do that .
18 Where these key indicators illustrate the most favourable conditions er we are going to base our main advertising campaign and I 'll now hand you over to my colleague .
19 Oh well you do it , I 'll only muck it up .
20 I 'll back Joanna when it comes to doing the work she likes .
21 If I give you some background to , to Moat and to the project itself , an and how we 're gon na approach the scheme I 'll then hand over to Alan who will talk about the design issues and the master plan and we 'll price the Three Hills and how they 'll they can meet that subjective .
22 I found that I could say things with colour and shapes that I could n't day in any other way — things that I had no words for .
23 I could n't caddie for him because I was with the central-heating men .
24 the water stood so clear I could not gauge
25 Aisha 's insistent words in the grain store , as she shook her gold earrings and the bangles on her wrist , urging me to stay at home , but I could only gaze at her shoes and marvel at how exactly they matched her handbag .
26 Which is why I made up my mind to come and tell you first thing that I could n't think of anyone I 'd rather Naylor married . ’
27 I 'd rather autoexec
28 I 'd rather bed with the Devil than you , so go about your business and leave me alone . "
29 I 'd rather Lesley had had an abortion and tried for a kid when we were married .
30 I 'd rather shovel shit , ’ said Tabitha .
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