Example sentences of "[pron] [modal v] [verb] [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 I mean them let's face it one out the three of us should of thought a bit more .
2 While the child is in care no-one may cause him to be known by a new surname or remove him from the United Kingdom without either the written consent of every person who has parental responsibility or the leave of the court ( s33(7) ) .
3 You go into the bedroom , checking the position of the mirrors ; none of them ought to show you to anybody in the bathroom .
4 4 to 5 is relatively easy and if someone starts off at 5 they do n't need any persuading at all ( attempts to persuade them may irritate them so much that they start to move to the left ! ) .
5 ‘ These are enormously strong roots and the melding of them may give us an organisation far more formidable than either could be on their own . ’
6 Different people will notice different things and some of them may surprise you .
7 O God give me the strength to be victorious over myself , for nothing may chain me to this life .
8 Present , if not correct , were a tired but not too emotional Tony , sorry ANTHONY H WILSON and various members of the INSPIRAL CARPETS whom let's face it , would go to a party held in an empty crisp packet .
9 On the other hand if I am in a drama experience my own actions and things about me may trap me into believing I am in an actual event .
10 Making love to me may help you to forget for a while , but it wo n't change the feelings you obviously still have for her , whether you care to admit it or not . ’
11 I am prepared to accept that anyone who knows me may dislike me , but when someone who can not dislike me because they do n't know me , attacks me , I collapse inside , I lose eloquence , I get frightened , sometimes I cry .
12 Whenever an instruction starts with the words ‘ Let's all ’ everyone MUST do it .
13 Everyone must admire it as a supreme example of the unremitting development of one basic situation , Iago 's destruction of Othello , with a claustrophilic refusal to digress or vary from its path , yet no one is known to have enjoyed it .
14 How greedy everyone must think me .
15 ‘ On the race track everyone must believe he is the fastest .
16 One of them must do it . ’
17 He does n't seem to be embarrassed by anything , except when you try to provoke him by telling him that surely he must thump his desk once in a while , or that although he says that a record company exists ‘ to guide your artists ’ most of them must hate him at some point .
18 Tall claustrophobics wo n't like the hotel 's narrow passageways , uneven floors , low ceilings and even lower beams , but everyone should love them .
19 Really , I 'm sure everyone should congratulate you ! ’
20 It was a good thing to do , everyone should try it once in a while .
21 It is so simple that everyone should understand it .
22 No-one should underestimate him .
23 Anyone finding them should hand them in at a police station or to any officer he said .
24 They pecked at some dead creature on the moorland verge , squabbling over which of them should have it , wheeling and darting at each other like terrible shadows in the mist .
25 Nothing must stop us now . ’
26 She did her best , and bound the stems tightly together with a thread split from a New Zealand flax — nothing must delay her now , or breakfast in the dining room would be over .
27 ‘ I think all the businessmen sitting around me must think I am mad .
28 Mick and me must drive them all there .
29 In fact you said er again if if I may offer you one of your quotes erm , If you have back benchers who wo n't support you , that limits governments abilities to take decisions .
30 In our various parties , organizations and institutions therefore we urgently need to recognize that most of our programmes , not least the programmes of our conferences and synods if I may leave you together in sin brothers and sisters
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