Example sentences of "[pron] [verb] just been " in BNC.

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1 I 'd just been making a documentary about real heroes and I was n't in any mood to put up with actors who were only heroic on screen .
2 Well , I 'd just been paid , so there was no problems about me having money to score , so I think I 'd just set me mind that I wanted to sort meself out once and for good .
3 Several times in fact , once on the tube train , twice on the ordinary trains , so it was n't the pictures that upset me — Doc Keylock had explained all that years ago , it 's all to do with the panting , what they call hyperventilation , causing a temporary malfunction in the brain — but I 'd never had anything as vivid as the memory I 'd just been through .
4 To judge by your face , you 'd have thought I 'd just been sentenced to hang , not thrown a lifeline . ’
5 The divi was very important which is why I , as a Guild 's woman erm through I suppose the memories of mother , was so adamant in against the dividend stamps because to us , that woman who I 'd just been talking about , Councillor Mrs always , I 'm sure no one would mind me saying it , but she always used to tell us that it was her thrift and she saved and they brought their house through this , the Co-op you see .
6 I took it for granted I 'd just been lying there since I went out , and whoever had jumped me had made off and left me there .
7 I 'd just been talking to the guard , twelve hour shifts , sixty hours a week and he ca n't even have any time off for tea breaks or meal breaks .
8 By nine , the playroom was like something censored out of Gremlins , and I spent most of the morning as a cross between Mummy Bear and Mister Wolf I 'd just been pinned to the floor , it was like an insane asylum in Lilliput , when buti Sikita beckoned me to the phone .
9 I 'd just been turned down for yet another job , hardly any money left — desperate , I was , and out comes your grandfather , asks me what 's wrong . ’
10 They probably thought , at that time of the afternoon , that I 'd just been made redundant .
11 Funny I 'd just been saying that , just been reading a book allegedly written by erm Uri Geller , you know the
12 But erm I felt as though , I felt exactly the same , I felt I 'd just been asleep I just had my eyes shut and I felt opening one eye to have a look out and see what people were doing .
13 Questioned about why she had not sought help immediately after the alleged attack , she said : ‘ I had just been raped by a policeman , and I did not trust no police after that . ’
14 When you and Chantal arrived at that accommodation agency I had just been talking to the proprietor .
15 Charles Archer says , ‘ I had just been manning my gun and had sat down when we took the hit .
16 I had just been talking with Jenny about her family , yourself and Mrs Connon , that same Saturday night . ’
17 I have often wondered what my guest would have thought when I got back if I had told him I had just been beaten .
18 I was very tired after the long flight from London to Sydney and on the television show someone attacked what I had just been saying .
19 I had just been reading in the Daily Minute about the string of beatings and manslaughters in Rosalind Court : the night before last a Jap computer expert and a German dentist had been found in a parking lot with their faces stomped off .
20 It was none other than the juvenile that I had just been defending .
21 The timing was opportune because Ned was able to take a year out from his university course ; Matthew had just finished school ; Val got 6 months ’ leave of absence from her job ; and I had just been given early retirement .
22 Leonard Cheshire and I were pilot officers together in No 4 Group at the beginning of the war ; he came from the dreaming spires of Oxford and I had just been commissioned as a pilot officer after serving a stint of five years as a sergeant pilot .
23 She said : ‘ I had just been saying that I was giving up the lotto , but my husband , Martin , encouraged me to keep trying . ’
24 My mother I remember there was a sale of work going on at Palfrey church once and bef I had just been made apprentice at Wolverhampton and of course I got amongst the , they , when they came the , the Derby day they were all having a bet on it so I , I said to the give them half a crown , so he said you ca n't have half a crown and he said what do you want it for so I said they 're putting it on a horse was on this horse it won , so of course this sale of work was in great progress when I gets off the train at station and thought well I could n't understand in er Palfrey Church Hall , so she was there in all her finery and I said we 've won , we 've won she said shut up , shut up she said but erm no I think the biggest character in Caldmore was Father .
25 I 've just been posting a letter for poor Mrs. Fanshawe , Sister , ’ she said virtuously .
26 She could hardly say , ‘ I 've just been told that I 'm pregnant again , ’ because it was only a matter of a week or two .
27 I 've just been explaining that Angela seems to have gone missing . ’
28 I 've just been over to see Madge and guess what ?
29 I 've just been looking at the end-May figures and notice we 're just about holding our own on the Gesamt .
30 I 've just been robbed !
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