Example sentences of "[pron] have [be] give " in BNC.

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1 And Black goes down theatrically on the edge of the box and nothing has been given and Gemmell took a chance then he er overplayed his protest to the referee .
2 I 'd been given it when I was seven but I 'd never learnt to play it .
3 I 'd been given a pair of lime green webbed gloves as a wedding present by Roger , my surfing guru in Newquay .
4 ‘ Look , ’ I said , turning sharply on her and utilizing advice I 'd been given by Charlie about the treatment of women : Keep 'em keen , treat 'em mean .
5 co-ordinates up , erm , you know , I have n't yet had contact from er no , I thought I 'd been given a new name , but , no I have n't had con any contact from my new co-ordinator yet , erm , but that was n't in my mind when I spoke on Thursday about Christmas , perhaps I ought to pursue that one in time for the next meeting and see what 's happening in South Africa and are getting it in South America for .
6 I 've often puzzled over whether , if I 'd been given guidance , would I have chosen differently ?
7 Like the other women , I 'd recently left my own home because I could n't carry on there any longer and I 'd been given safe spaces by friends with room to spare .
8 I had been in trouble before , but then I 'd been given probation and community work .
9 I do n't think I could have handled it if I 'd been given a sentence .
10 I 'd been given a date for the baby to arrive but that came and went , but then I woke up in the early hours of the following Friday .
11 At 6 o'clock I dialled the telephone number I 'd been given ‘ for emergencies only ’ .
12 She said I 'd been given all I 'd get and I said it was n't enough . ’
13 He throws me out anyway , a bad influence , a bad example , coming from the kind of home I did , I should know better , I 'd been given every chance .
14 I can still see him sitting there at his desk , me standing in front , yelling at me how lucky I was , how I 'd been given everything , was this all I could do with it .
15 if I 'd been given the choice , erm you know if they 'd said you know okay you 're next , you going I 'd have said no thanks , send somebody else , but er
16 I 'd been given a hint that something like this could be on the cards when I was first approached . ’
17 Now I 'd also in this time rung up the er forwarding address in Manchester , rung up the telephone number I 'd been given of the forwarding address .
18 But er , I was giving this er I 'd been giving it a stroke , and er it 's sort of dying to be fussed , but I do n't think they give it any attention across there .
19 The extraordinary piece of good fortune that I had been given was the opportunity to fight it my way .
20 With the overall dimensions I had been given , it worked out easily that there could be three arches along the front to one at the side .
21 I suppose I had been given a sense of the evil of cinema by my strict Methodist grandparents , who were visibly shocked when once I confessed that I had been to see a film on Sunday .
22 Prior to the patrol I had been given a verbal briefing on the night 's events .
23 Because of the distance of my journey I had been given permission to come during the morning , and there were no other visitors .
24 At breakfast , I had been given freshly home-made bread , and I felt at peace with the world .
25 I had been given his address by friends in Britain and now took a taxi to his flat , a couple of miles from the hotel but still in the older part of the city of Buda .
26 NEXT day I took the advice I had been given by my friends at the Union and went to see the exhibition of the Bibliotheca Corviniana in the National Library on Castle Hill , partly because Matthias I , or Matthias Hunyadi , known as Corvinus because of the crow motif on his banners , was one of the most striking and decisive characters in East European history , straddling the histories of Transylvania , Hungary , Bohemia and Austria .
27 I had been given a week 's leave and so I hurried to Hastings as I felt sure that would be my last leave for some time .
28 But if I had been given the chance when I was younger I might easily have made a mistake and gone for good looks and he might have turned out to be Old Nick to live with .
29 ‘ Life has changed , Shama , ’ I said looking at the Japanese thermos on the chair by my bed and the round box of Danish biscuits which I had been given ‘ in case you are hungry in the night ’ .
30 He put a hand in a pocket and brought out a key , the duplicate of the one I had been given , which fitted both front and back doors .
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