Example sentences of "[pron] be [noun] for " in BNC.

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1 In addition to dancing , both my husband , Rod , and I are musicians for the team ; I play the recorder and he is a ‘ cellist .
2 I am not.fit for public Life , ’ he wrote from Bristol to his new friend John Thelwall , the radical lecturer ; ‘ yet the Light shall stream to a far distance from the taper in my cottage window ’ .
3 ‘ Blackburn , Ipswich , Cambridge and ourselves are contenders for automatic promotion .
4 She 's doing no harm here , and I 'm company for her . ’
5 I 'm , I 'm technology for the rest of the
6 Complete this sentence : If I were dictator for a day …
7 Complete this sentence : If I were dictator for a day …
8 Money was not , however , the only currency in evidence – communication with the public and good fellowship among ourselves were subjects for pleased comment .
9 I would have given my right arm to have achieved such an agreement when I was Minister for Aviation between 1984 and 1987 .
10 The early experience of ESAs that I had when I was Minister for Agriculture , Fisheries and Food showed the policy to be important , helpful and constructive .
11 I was secretary for seven year eh .
12 Twelve and thirteen and I was cook for four years there .
13 " Whatever it was you said to him has caused him to cancel the work I was doing for him .
14 As a club we are very chuffed to be where we are and be able to have an input at such a high level of the game , but we believe their are grounds for an adjustment . ’
15 The British army has always given campaign medals which are rewards for just being there and doing an ordinary job , and special medals for gallantry beyond the call of duty .
16 However , yours is a very young tank and prone to rises in ammonia nitrite , which are killers for most marines .
17 Resolved , That this House , believing it is in Britain 's interests to continue to be at the heart of the European Community and able to shape its future and that of Europe as a whole , endorses the constructive negotiating approach adopted by Her Majesty 's Government in the Inter-Governmental Conferences on Economic and Monetary Union and on Political Union ; and urges them to work for an agreement at the forthcoming European Council at Maastricht which avoids the development of a federal Europe , enables this country to exert the greatest influence on the economic evolution of the Community while preserving the right of Parliament to decide at a future date whether to adopt a single currency , on issues of Community competence concentrates the development of action on those issues which can not be handled more effectively at national level and , in particular , avoids intrusive Community measures in social areas which are matters for national decision , devlops a European security policy compatible with NATO and co-operation in foreign policy which safeguards this country 's national interests , increases the accountability of the Commission , enhances the rule of law in the Community including improved implementation , enforcement and compliance with Community legislation , improves co-operation between European governments in the fight against drugs , terrorism and cross-border crime , and through these policies secures the long-term interests of the United Kingdom .
18 Recently , the identification of characteristic sequence features in peptides eluted from HLA class I molecules suggested that the relevant antigen might be identifiable by assessing cellular immune responses to peptides containing such motifs among antigens which are candidates for mediating HLA-disease associations .
19 Directory Integrity Check then enters any modules which are candidates for entry into LIFESPAN provided that :
20 Cholesterol is also the starting point for the body 's manufacture of bile acids ( which are need for the digestion of fat ) , steroids ( including those all-important male and female sex hormones ) and vitamin D ( which is made by the action of sunlight on cholesterol in the skin ) .
21 Sometimes it may contain information about the author , the date , the writer 's access to information , and even the purpose of the writer , which are clues for the historian about the source 's reliability .
22 ( It is probable that the majority of idioms began their lives as metaphors ; and synchronically , transitional cases , which are idioms for some and metaphors for others , are not uncommon .
23 Houck had personally followed the histories of two reactors in Missouri ( Callaway ) and Kansas ( Wolf Creek ) which were prototypes for Hinkley C. Both had cost three times their original budget — $3 billion apiece — and had been plagued with teething problems in their first few years of operation .
24 The impressive bulk of 762 at the Pleasure Beach , showing its new bogies which were prototypes for those on the new Centenary class .
25 Perhaps Marcus had read her previous reticence to give herself completely to him as boredom with the scenario of casual individual relationships which were par for the course for their contemporaries , and had laid on a partner-swapping party to titillate her interest .
26 European markets were further unsettled in early September by monetary developments in Finland and Sweden , both of which were applicants for EC membership [ see pp. 38834 ; 38353 ] and both of which — following a similar step by Norway [ see p. 37782 ] — had in 1991 associated their currencies with the ERM [ see pp. 38297 ; 38202 ] .
27 This difference can be measured from the dissymmetry coefficient Z which is unity for small particles , but greater than unity for large particles .
28 One aspect of the contra proferentem rule is that , if there is more than one possible head of liability one of which is liability for negligence , then an exemption clause will not be interpreted as excluding liability for negligence unless it does so in clear terms .
29 The solution can be set out neatly in tabular form as in T2 , T3 , T4 where the circled entries are the values of basic variables and the remaining entries display ( which is zero for basic variables ) .
30 Using this concept , Rouse considered a molecule in dilute solution under sinusoidal shear and derived the relations where η and η s are the viscosities of the solution and the solvent respectively , n is the number of molecules per unit volume , k is the Boltzmann constant , and ο is the angular frequency of the applied stress which is zero for steady flow .
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